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SunCoast Sugar Gliders, based in Pearland TX, is dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders. We have sold sugar gliders to the public for over 15 years, so we have a lot of experience with glider care and behavior. 

SunCoast stands behind all sugar glider supplies with a 30-day money-back guarantee: Send the product back to us in original condition and we will refund the product price. Please read the full guarantee as well as shipping, payment, security, and privacy information here. 

Arnold says: You know, us sugar gliders are wild animals but we’re kind of delicate, and we can get hurt. So Me and Lisa decided to go out and look for great sugar glider supplies that were also the safest “glider-tested” products we could find. We got a whole bunch of veterinarians and a few nutritionists to help us with some of the technical stuff, and have put together a great selection of quality sugar glider products you can trust. 

Only the safest products make it into my store. Every product in this store is 100% tested here at SunCoast, and nothing makes it into this store that is not approved by me. So There! 

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Thank you for stopping by and learning more Sugar Gliders. Your dedicated “Sugar Mama” Lisa Bordelon hopes to assist you soon in your quest to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders. Check us out on a variety of social sites!  We believe in good education supported by science and are devoted to having fun in the process!

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Arnold & Lisa