Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

Woman holding sugar glider

  The first issue to consider is whether or not a sugar glider fits well into your lifestyle and expectations.  It is ultimately important to us that our gliders become part of good homes and you should be quite certain that you want to be owned by a sugar glider before making the commitment.  Our customers very much …

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Sugar Glider Nutrition

sugar glider eating

Sugar Glider Nutrition – It’s Not Hard, Just The Most Important Thing You Can Do   Sugar Glider eating carrot. Pet eat human food.   by Dr. C, the Exotic Pet Vet ======================= from the free monthly GliderVet e-mail newsletter  If you’re not interested in the all the vet speak about “why” glider owners should …

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Glider Care

person holding sugar glider

    Sugar gliders do indeed make extraordinary pets.  It is not, however, the best pet for every household.  Gliders, like all exotic pets, have particular needs specific to their species.  They also live 12-14 years in captivity.  The decision to add a glider to your household is one that we hope you consider carefully.  …

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