grow1.jpg (17571 bytes) 1.  Pregnant Sugar Glider Zimba.  This photo series courtesy of RiKKy.
grow2.jpg (23737 bytes) 2.  Baby glider’s tail hanging out of Zimba’s pouch (blue arrow).
grow3.jpg (10810 bytes) 3.  After about 72 days in the pouch, baby sugar glider Petrie is finally OOP (Out Of Pouch) – and hairless!
grow5.jpg (10818 bytes) 4.  Baby Petrie at One Week – a little bit of peach fuzz – and 4x larger than when Sydney Sesame was one week OOP.
grow7.jpg (9361 bytes) 5.  Petrie two weeks OOP – eyes still closed, fur coming in a little stronger.  The dark fur is getting more definition.
grow9.jpg (38368 bytes) 6.  Three weeks OOP – and eyes wide open.  Growing fast, don’t you think?
grow11.jpg (10567 bytes) 7.  The fourth week OOP and the fur on Petrie is turning into the silvery-soft, mink-like coat gliders are known for.
grow12.jpg (9097 bytes) 8.  At five weeks OOP, tail now fluffy and long, Petrie is starting to jump, glide, and act like a rascally ol’ glider.