How To Raise Your Own Mealworms

    by Lisa “Ellie Mae” Bordelon You say the word “mealworm” to many people and the reaction is slimy, gross, disgusting, yuck, creepy.  To a sugar glider, mealworms evoke feelings of yummy, delicious, buffet, nutritious, more please.  Sugar gliders eat lots of insects in the wild.  Mealworms are a great source of nutrition for …

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Sugar Glider Nutrition

sugar glider eating

Sugar Glider Nutrition – It’s Not Hard, Just The Most Important Thing You Can Do   Sugar Glider eating carrot. Pet eat human food.   by Dr. C, the Exotic Pet Vet ======================= from the free monthly GliderVet e-mail newsletter  If you’re not interested in the all the vet speak about “why” glider owners should …

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Two sugar gliders on a tree branch

Hi Gang! Lisa here! Welcome to our April issue of the GliderVet Newsletter. This issue is dedicated to Sydney Sesame! We had planned to discuss breeding sugar gliders as one of the articles in this issue, but those plans have been postponed so we could bring you the Fabulous Sydney Sesame story instead. Stay tuned …

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Hi Gang! Lisa here and welcome to our second issue of the GliderVet Newsletter. In this issue we will cover the all important topic of nutrition. According to Dr. C., most of the serious sugar glider health conditions she sees in her veterinary practice are avoidable if only their humans would learn how to properly …

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