Product Testing, Bonding with Sugar Gliders in “Room Cages”?

Sugar Glider Product Testing ===================================== by Lisa Product safety is a philosophical pursuit that we take very seriously here at SunCoast.  Testing products is something that goes on year round here at the Sugar Shack.  For every 15 products we test, only about 1 makes the cut.  In order to make it on our website, …

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Shipping Sugar Gliders Safely

two gliders wrapped in shirt

  Please note:  After 15 years as a breeder, SunCoast no longer sells sugar gliders.  The following is provided to help those considering having a glider shipped to them or who have to ship a glider. We are often asked by people re-homing or rescuing gliders for detailed instructions on how to best handle shipping.  …

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Glider Shipping, Meet SunCoast Folks, Glider Nutrition

Hi Gang! Lisa here and welcome to our second issue of the GliderVet Newsletter. In this issue we will cover the all important topic of nutrition. According to Dr. C., most of the serious sugar glider health conditions she sees in her veterinary practice are avoidable if only their humans would learn how to properly …

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