Gliders Outdoors, Believe It or Not?, Behavioral Disorders

Frequently Asked Question: Is it OK to take sugar gliders outdoors? By Arnold Well, it’s about time I got asked to be the question answerer.  Ya see, these humans parade around here like they are some kind of sugar glider x-perts or sumptin, and it’s not that they aren’t in tune with my every wish …

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Sugar Glider Introductions, Glider Wound Care

Sugar Glider Wrapped in Blanket

Frequently Asked Question: How do I go about introducing new sugar gliders? By Lisa & Debbie  (see also Extreme Introductions here) During the course of a normal day here at SunCoast Sugar Gliders, we have the opportunity to speak with and e-mail with lots of people who are just beginning to research sugar gliders as pets.  …

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