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It is important to outfit your sugar glider’s home with a variety of stimuli and the best kinds of glider accessories encourage both creative play and promotes physical movement in a variety of forms.

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Wodent Wheel Senior


Wodent Wheel

Sugar Gliders love Wodent Wheels.  They are low cost, much safer and quieter than conventional wire exercise wheels, and have a clean, simple oversized design that fits the glider’s running style perfectly.  Wodent Wheels feature a unique design with a safe, durable running surface and a support stand without dangerous pinch areas.  These wheels are much easier for a sugar glider to use than a wire wheel, encouraging needed exercise. 

We really like this color scheme (and it’s the only one we sell) because the dark colors tend to hide glider grime.  But keep in mind just because the sporty black & green design won’t show off every speck of dirt, doesn’t mean that the wheel shouldn’t be cleaned every couple of weeks.

This model includes a wall-to-wall plastic shield built into the wheel itself that completely covers the axle.  This shield  eliminates the need to inspect the axle for the stickiness that can lead to tail-axle injuries, because the glider’s tail cannot reach the wheel axle.  Also included are special washers with “walls” which ensure the hitchpin is installed correctly and won’t protrude.

The Wodent Wheel will also give you a sense of just how intelligent our tiny friends are.  They are attracted to the toy because sugar gliders like to crawl into holes.  They go in through one of the 5 entry holes and realize if they move just right, the Wodent Wheel will start to move.  So for a few days, they will rock it back and forth.  Then the excitement begins…the marsupial version of Jeff Gordon masters speed before your own eyes!  Gliders will eventually get going so fast and so smoothly that some have reported feeling a breeze out in the room!

But seriously folks, if you have ever had a small pet hurt, maimed, or killed by a wire exercise wheel, now you know why the Wodent Wheel is the only exercise wheel ever recommended and approved by the ASPCA during their Seal of Approval program.  This toy is a perfect complement to the stimulation provided by the Rope Toy and Feather Teaser.


Feather Teaser



The Feather Teaser is a very inexpensive and stimulating toy that is now available for sugar gliders everywhere. And we all know how important stimulation is to keep our critters happy and fulfilled. By enriching your pet’s life, you will create a stronger bond between the two of you and enjoy hours of playful fun with your little one.

In the wild, there is a battle for who is on top of the food chain. Large birds can be predatory, small birds and bird eggs, dinner. Because of this natural battle, feathers bring out the “hunter” in a sugar glider. If you have pet birds at home, when they molt, put the feathers in your sugar gliders’ habitat and see for yourself!

When you first get sugar gliders, they will be in what we call the “scaredy glider” mode, still in the process of bonding and getting used to those big ‘ol human trees. After they start bonding, when humans offer a toy like the Feather Teaser to them, it helps the glider understand the role of humans in the environment, that humans can be “fun” or “interesting” and maybe not so scary after all.

It’s a fun and interactive experience for both glider and human, a different kind of motion, different kind of stimulation. The more types of enrichment we can provide, the healthier the animals are mentally, as we are providing stimulation that appeals to all of their natural behaviors … running, jumping, battling, stalking, pouncing.

This toy is made from a wooden dowel wand ending with natural black and brown turkey marabou feathers that are quite long and don’t show dirt like white feathers would. We’ve tested this product with our most mild mannered critters and really saw the hunting instinct in them. They go for this toy like a lion goes for steak!

Have you had the experience of seeing your sugar glider leap and pounce? This toy is a perfect complement to the Rope Toy and Wodent Wheel for getting started with sugar gliders. Wave it near your glider and let the party begin!


S-T-R-E-T-C-H Rope Toy 24″



It is important to outfit your sugar glider’s home with a variety of stimuli and the best kinds of glider accessories encourage both creative play and promotes physical movement in a variety of forms. Sugar gliders are very intelligent animals and need stimulation of the mind and body. Our rope toy promotes enriching foraging and play activities similar to those found in the natural habitat – plus has rustproof clips and is dishwasher safe.

S-T-R-E-T-C-H rope toys are tons of fun! Each is 2 feet long but easily stretches to over 3 feet, making it easy to set up in lots of different ways in any size cage. You can stretch them across the cage like a tight rope, or clip across the cage like a loose bridge, or hang vertically to simulate up and down climbing activity. Use them to lead your glider to another favorite toy or sleeping pouch or swing or perch. You and your sugar glider can both be creative in how to best setup and use this very flexible rope toy.

Plus, because the rope is made of 3/16″ thick hollow tubes braided together, when the rope is stretched treats you slide in between the tubes stay in place. This allows you to create all kinds of different foraging games on your suggie walkways!

Each rope is made from 3 soft natural rubber tubes that are waterproof so resist absorbing odors. The non-porous smooth surfaces of the tubes won’t snag grime so hand washing is easy – or just toss in the dishwasher. The black clips are made of a glider-safe nylon material the fuzzbutts are not prone to chew and are super-fast to clip in and out of the cage. And the surgical rubber tubing is secured inside these clips with rustproof stainless steel fittings to ensure this toy will last a very long time.

The grabbing and climbing motion used with this sugar glider accessory is very natural and helps build strong little feet muscles. This toy is a perfect complement to use with a Wodent Wheel and Feather Teaser.

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