Coffee Mug – Vet Fund Raiser


This mug is AWESOME!  All profits except $1 goes to emergency vet care for those in need. This theme is Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.  The pictures are from a contest held by SunCoast and are from members of our Facebook community!  The mug has all three pictures on it and is a wrap around design, so I’ve photo’d each section of the mug so you can see it all the way around.  Arnold has not yet bought me any of that fancy wrap around view video software …. YET! 

ALL PROFITS minus $1 going direct to the fund.  More about the fund is explained is the detailed description.


The mug is made of white ceramic and it’s got good weight to it!  Can you say Venti?  This mug is a nice, big 15 ounces.  I am impressed with the quality of the mug and compares favorably to Cafe’ Press mugs, at a much better price!  The mug is 4.25 inches tall and the diameter is 3 inches across (interior diameter).  This will hold a healthy cup o joe, or tea.  What?  You don’t drink warm beverages?  Well everyone needs somewhere to keep pens, right?  It also makes a great gift for all animal lovers, not just us sugar glider people.  These are real people’s gliders raising money to help real people and their sugar gliders.

So are you ready to hear about the fund?  Our facebook community members made the suggestion and it is those community members that will be administering the fund.  But before we are in a position to help the community, we need funds.  The community has elected three volunteer board members, of which SunCoast will only serve in an advisory capacity.  We are proud to be part of this community partnership and hope you will support the efforts.

The mission statement and bylaws of the fund will be posted on the SunCoast website once those documents aer finalized and approved.  In the meantime, we are starting our fundraising efforts.  If for any reason this program is not successful, the proceeds raised will be donated to sugar glider rescue groups.  We will update everyone on the website on our fundraiser product pages … yes, we do anticipate adding items over time.  We will have a dedicated page explaining the program, what it takes to quality and the only definite bylaw is that payments will be made directly to the veterinarian clinic.

We will also update this product page and future Vet Fund product pages, post on Facebook and our newsletter.  We all make a difference when we join together.  

Dishwasher safe!

Shipping weight 1.2 lbs

Additional information

Weight1.35 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 4 in


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