Sugar Glider Charm


We think this little sugar glider charm is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!  With those big ole eyes, facial stripe and pointy ears, there’s no mistaking what type of animal this lil’ one is!

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Made exclusively for SunCoast, each tag is constructed from stainless steel, with an 9 mm “split ring” clasp.  This clasp is exactly like a traditional key ring so it easily twists on and off different items.  The charm image is formed on the metal with a diamond engraving process,  then a non-toxic etching solution deposits a layer of black color.  The metal is then buffed, and presto, you get this cute little charm!

The charm is slightly larger than the size of a dime, with a brushed matte finish that’ll have ya lookin’ sooooooo 21st century!  And since it’s constructed from stainless steel, there’s no concern for those potential allergic reactions that some people may experience when wearing certain metals.

And you can get really creative and wear this charm in lots of different ways!  In addition to being a charm on a bracelet or watch, it can also be attached to a purse or a day-planner for some subtle “charm”!  Here are just a few examples of some really fun ways you can wear or use one:

  • Wear it as a pendant around a necklace or on a silk/leather cord
  • Get two charms and slip each one onto a hoop earring!
  • Kids just loooove ’em as shoelace charms or backpack danglers!
  • Slip one around a key ring
  • Attach one to a zipper and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind zipper pull!
  • Use one as a cell phone charm

What a great way to display your affection for sugar gliders without breaking the bank!  Arnold thinks every sugar glider owner should have one and says it’s the most “charming” piece he’s ever seen!  Yuk, yuk, yuk!  Arnold just cracks us up!

If you’ve got a unique way to display one of these charms, drop us a line and we may post your original idea on this page!  Each charm comes in a silver foil gift box with a cotton pad.

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