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The BEST thing you can do for your sugar gliders is to feed them a good diet.  What constitutes a good diet?  You’ve probably seen by now that there are many opinions about that.  One thing I can tell you for sure, the veterinarians I’ve spoken to over many years will highly recommend that you give your sugar gliders a pelleted food as a free feed and it is essential that they are offered a high quality vitamin and calcium supplement.

  • 1.5 lbs of Wholesome Balance – a two month supply for 2 gliders
  • One 8-ounce package of Blueberry Fortifier – a one year supply for one sugar glider
  • A free set of stainless steel pinch/smidgen/dash spoons so that you know exactly how much supplement to give your babies (a $5.00 value for free!)


Nutrition Pack: $25.67 – YOU SAVE $3.30 over buying each item separately.  That’s an 11% savings and you get a $5 spoon set FREE!


Good husbandry starts with great nutrition.  We sell the only human grade pellet available for sugar gliders!  There are NO FILLERS and NO SOY.  Most of the other foods use all sorts of fillers and many of them include soy, which is high in phytoestrogens!  Do you really want to give hormones to your sugar gliders?

I know there are those out there that feel that pellet foods are a bad idea.  Coming very soon, I will be posting a video here on why we believe a pelleted food is a necessity.  The quality of the any type of pelleted food is based upon what ingredients go in.  Makes sense, right?  You use poor quality ingredients – you have a “bad” pellet food.  But what if you use very high quality ingredients, like human grade chicken breast meat, brown rice and coconut?  Great ingredients equal a great pellet. 

Sadly, many other companies have given pellets a bad rap because they use a lot of inferior ingredients.  If you see stuff like soy, wheat middling, or oats in the top three ingredients on the label, this is not a great product.  Most pet food manufacturers use these fillers as primary ingredients and this is not a very healthful approach to good nutrition.  More and more companies in many lines of pet food manufacturing are finally getting the idea that high quality animal protein is far superior to any type of vegetable protein, like soy. 

Sugar gliders are omnivores, and as such, they require a certain amount of protein in the diet.  There is a big difference in animal protein versus vegetable protein.  In the wild, sugar gliders eat insects, small birds, bird eggs, and other small vertebrates.  This is just the simple science of it all and as you can see, these are all “animal proteins”.

So why would other companies use vegetable proteins instead?  It’s simple really.  Vegetable proteins are a whole lot cheaper and make a whole lot more money for companies that have a “bottom line” mentality.

Here at SunCoast, I’ve always embraced a philosophy of putting best husbandry practices first.  I also strive to provide great value to you.  Some of the other brands, while using cheaper ingredients, still charge more for their pellets.  My views are to understand the science of sugar glider needs, rely on the viewpoints of veterinarians and animal nutritionists, my own personal experience of focusing on breeding and educating on sugar glider care since 1999… and last, but certainly not least, I hope to be able to appeal to your own great common sense.

The Blueberry Fortifier was just introduced into our product line in 2015 and the feedback has been far better than our previous supplement offerings.  Blueberry Fortifier has been specifically created for sugar gliders.  It has nearly identical vitamin, mineral and calcium percentages as the two previous products we offered: Vionate and Repcal.  Because sourcing of Vionate became increasingly difficult, we were forced to seek an alternative.  Our many years of history have proven that the formulation of the Vionate and Repcal really works great to keep our sugar gliders at top, optimal health.  Taking the opportunity to work with an expert on formulating a single formula versus having to use two separate products was super appealing to us.  I mentioned to the vitamin expert that if we could make this product and make it taste super great, then we’ve managed to replace two really good products with an even better product.  So he came up with the idea of adding an all-natural dehydrated blueberry powder to the formula for palatability.  We are now getting much better feedback on the Blueberry Fortifier than we ever did on the Vionate/Repcal combination… and it’s cheaper, so we passed those savings on to you!

A lot of people get confused as to how much we should give, so we’ve solved that problem by including a free set of stainless steel measuring spoons because too much supplement or too little can both be problematic for sugar gliders over time.  Serving recommendations are on the package.

Did I mention that all the ingredients used in both of these products are human grade?

At SunCoast, we bring experience, quality and great customer service right to you!  We care deeply about sugar gliders AND our customers!  Sugar gliders are our only specialty and we hope to be your specialists!

For more information on nutrition, or really any subject related to sugar gliders, please check out our extensive information library here.  There’s a search tool that will help you sort through thousands of pages of information.

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Weight 2.61 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 7 in
Food Flavor

Wholesome Balance Original, Wholesome Balance Honey Yogurt, Wholesome Balance Sweet Potato, Happy Glider Tutti Fruity, Happy Glider Honey Marshmallow, Happy Glider Honey Nectar, Happy Glider Honey Peach


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