Arnold’s Choice Possum Milk Replacer (12 oz)


We are now able to offer a new product especially prepared for use with sugar gliders that is state of the art in milk replacement products.  Arnold’s Choice Possum Milk Replacer is similar to Wombaroo Possum Milk Replacer Formula >0.8 in nutritional analysis.  

Plus, because this product is made in the USA (no shipping charges from Australia added in), we can offer you much more product – 397 grams versus 250 grams of Wombaroo – for a lower price!

Please note: Wombaroo makes a soy-based product called High Protein Supplement.  We do not recommend using that product with sugar gliders.  Our product contains no soy protein or soy derivatives.



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But the really good news is that the proteins used in this new product are even more digestible than Wombaroo, which is a problem we’ve always encountered when using Wombaroo straight up as a milk replacer.  This product contains no soy and has been used for years by sugar gliders breeders both to rescue orphaned joeys through hand feeding and to support maternal nutrition.

We recommend Possum Milk Replacer as a necessary shelf item for anyone keeping sugar gliders. While this product is useful in raising sugar glider joeys that have already emerged from the pouch, we primarily use is as a healthful flavor enhancement product to offer the vitamin and calcium supplements in a palatable mixture. It can also be useful with sugar gliders who are sick or recovering from illness.

SunCoast Sugar Gliders does not recommend interfering with a healthy female gliders ability to nurse her young.  Removing joeys from the care of their mother at too early an age can create serious health deficiencies.  First of all, immunities are passed from mother to joey via her milk.  This is a difficult natural process to replicate by hand feeding.  Also, Colostrum levels will drop quickly in babies removed too quickly from mother’s nurturing.  

Please note we do not suggest a milk replacer product be used by itself when hand rearing joeys, but as part of a modified Joey BML formula.  Hand rearing joeys is a rather hefty topic; you can find comprehensive information on this topic here.  This product is highly recommended for that purpose, but only when the mother is unable to feed the joey on her own and you have to step in.

For breeding females, we also use the milk replacer product more for preventative measures than anything else.  It has been our experience that dusting a lactating female’s fruit or veggie serving with Possum Milk Replacer helps to keep her vital at a time that could create a drain on her system.  Our focus is to keep our breeding females healthy, and leave it up to them to keep their joeys  healthy.  We’ve been using milk replacement products from the very beginning of our breeding efforts with good success.

We have found a relatively small amount (1/8 teaspoon) per feeding dusted on the fruit or vegetable serving has provided excellent benefits to our lactating females.  

We also find this product is effective at increasing the flavor and palatability of otherwise bad tasting vitamins and other foods sugar gliders should consume but often need encouragement to try out in the beginning.  We use One part Vionate, One part Green Label Rep-Cal, and Two parts Arnold’s Choice Possum Milk Replacer.  If you want to make a small batch and are using a tablespoon, use One tablespoon Vionate, One tablespoon  Repcal, and Two tablespoons Arnold’s Choice Possum Milk Replacer.  It doesn’t matter what size measure you use as long as you keep the ratios in the same proportions.  

Feed 1/4 teaspoon of this mix per two gliders each night.  We supplement only one course in the nightly meal, either by a quick shake from a cheese shaker or you can use a 1/4 teaspoon measure.  We prefer putting mix on the food that we know the gliders will eat the most of that night, to ensure they are getting their supplements.  We do not add the supplements to the staple food as gliders will typically eat their fresh foods first and the staple food is already nutritionally Balanced.

The milk replacer product is a powder.  Keep product package sealed, out of direct light and store in a cool dry place for best results.  Product has a two year shelf life with proper storage.

Use this product according to instructions.  Over-usage of milk replacement products could lead to diarrhea.

Guaranteed Analysis: Possum Blend

Crude Protein, Min 23.50%
Lysine, Min 1.050%
Crude Fat, Min 24.50%
Crude Fiber, Max 0.15%
Calcium, Min 0.95%
Calcium, Max 1.33%
Phosphorus, Min 0.63%
Sodium, Min 0.50%
Sodium, Max 0.95%
Copper, Min 6 ppm
Copper, Max 9.5 ppm
Selenium, Min 0.3 ppm
Zinc, Min 90 ppm
Vitamin A, Min 25,000 IU / lb
Vitamin D3, Min 5,000 IU / lb
Vitamin E, Min 82 IU / lb

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