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Calms sugar gliders (and humans too)

If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness of bonding potion, return within 30 days for a FULL refund.  I really believe in this product and I’m offering you a no-risk trial. 

$13.27 for 2 oz (about 400 sprays)

We are excited to provide help for those experiencing bonding difficulties with their gliders.  This natural botanical product was developed to help with the bonding process between gliders and humans and can be safely used by animals and humans alike!  It also works well for helping bond sugar gliders to other gliders. 

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Original Bonding Potion is safe, non-toxic, and alcohol free.

While using the Bonding Potion, you should experience:

Less crabbing and biting 
A calmer demeanor
Licking you when they did not before
Comfortably sleeping in your hands (during the daytime)

It took two years for SunCoast to work with pioneers in the fields of herbology and botanics.  This team of specialized researchers, formulators and chemists helped us develop a natural formula to help ease the bonding process.  After formulating and testing many different solutions, we are excited to introduce the first product of its kind, simply named Original Bonding Potion.

Finding the “calming” botanicals was somewhat straightforward.  But we perceived there was still a “missing link” related to a lack of trust and confidence between the animals and the humans, and trying to communicate this to the formulators was complex.  It took us numerous rounds of testing until we reached a point where just the right botanicals were added to the formula.

And we knew right away we had it just right!  Original Bonding Potion is part of our new Sugar Glider Naturals™ line of plant-based sugar glider products.  

When we started using the Bonding Potion to help with the hand-taming process of our joeys here at The Sugar Shack, we noticed a profound difference, especially with some of the more “feisty” babies.

However, as sugar gliders have become increasingly available outside the small breeding community, calls from people experiencing significant bonding problems has increased substantially.  Many of these people received little or no honest guidance about bonding at the time of purchase; and to make matters worse, no one called them back to offer any help.  It is a very sad situation for the humans and animals; and it also creates frustration for us because we feel helpless.

So we decided to try and do something about this.

We knew the one formula worked for us, but would it help other people with gliders from other breeders?  We were not sure.  So we developed 6 more formulas and tested them.  Then we sent bonding potion samples to glider owners across the country who had reported having some troubles with the bonding process.  

As you can see from the comments in red below, folks loved what Bonding Potion #5 did for them more than any of the 7 formulas we tested.  Surprise surprise, because “#5” was the name our testers were given for the formula we first developed for our own use!  Our “in-house” formula proved to be the best of all the ones we tested!

We’d like to thank each and every one of these testers, located all over the country, for testing the product and providing us feedback.  90% of the testers indicated the Bonding Potion significantly improved the bonding process.

About Bonding with Sugar Gliders

One of the areas SunCoast Sugar Gliders provides extensive education on is bonding with a new sugar glider.  The bonding process is critical  to starting off a new relationship between a human and a glider.  You can read the comprehensive 6 part Bonding Series starting here.

All SunCoast babies go through a period of hand-taming to help ensure the baby will be familiar with being handled by humans.  As a result, the majority of people who purchase their babies from SunCoast do not face many obstacles with the bonding process.  For those that do, we encourage them to contact us so we can provide help with the bonding process based upon their situation.

And please, if someone has told you sugar gliders with behavior problems can be “trained” with a bitter spray and verbal command, just think about it for a second.  Does that make any sense to you?  Bitter sprays are used in animal training to keep pets away from certain objects – furniture, for example.  If you want an animal to bond with you, would you spray bitter liquid on you and then shout commands at the critter?  Good luck with that!

This product is designed to create conditions more conducive to bonding between humans and sugar gliders.  Please understand this is not a miracle product or magic formula.  Rather, it is designed to be an adjunct to the bonding process.  You must remain consistent, patient and calm during each bonding session.  The earlier it is used with your new sugar glider(s), the easier the bonding process should be.  Bonding may be very complex if you are dealing with a glider that was rescued, previously abused and / or ignored, or even a younger sugar glider coming from a venue where it may have been subjected to traumatic, stressful conditions.  While rare, there are some extreme situations where there may be no solution. But thankfully, this is the exception and not the rule.  

The scent of this product is light and dissipates in about 15 minutes. We suggest that you re-apply in 15-20 minute intervals as needed.

Customers Love #5!

(out of 7 formulas tested)

I wanted to let you know that I received the potion Saturday. I was so anxious to try it! I read your instructions and when I actually went for it, I was truly amazed! My little monster- Indy- wasn’t shaking like usual, he also didn’t crab as much and I only got bit once. He seemed calmer than usual and I was able to cut his nails, they were a mile long!

Yesterday I showed my husband and let me tell you, he is ready to invest; he thinks you are going to make a million bucks with this product. Yesterday, I got different pouches for each one of the gliders, sprayed ONLY ONCE on my hands and rubbed the rest on the pouches; Indy was again calmer and was sniffing my hand instead of biting it. Gizmo, my sweet one was going crazy though. He was the one biting my hands this time (not a mean biting, more like a grooming bite) and kept licking my hand, he also laid on his back and let me pet his neck and ears, it was almost like we were grooming each other, he was so fun! 

Sissy (Sydney) my little girl was just laying there almost in a trance.   This is my report- I am so excited about it!

Denise M.

Just wanted to let you know how well the bonding potion is working with my new baby girls. It is awesome! Thank you so much. I use it every time I handle them and it settles them down right away. They crab for a short time and before you know it they are cuddled up and happy as can be in the bonding pouch eating their apples. Not only does it keep them relaxed, it smells great to. I hope you are able to pass this on to more newbies like me because I think it is working very well. You definitely have an awesome product!  Thank you for everything!

Kim D.
Veterinary Technician

My mom has been using that “bonding potion # 5” and it really seems to work. She says that it is a miracle because Kaden does not crab when she puts that on her hands, and it is helping him to get aquainted with my family. But he is eating real good and is getting bigger every day. Thank you so much for letting my mom bring me a new buddy. Take care and I will drop you another note soon to give you a Kaden update.

Chloe C.

(Update on Kaden from Mom)

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Kaden is settling into his new home great. He has really become a social butterfly in the past week. The bonding potion #5 has worked wonderfully. Chloe and him are getting along great and he is socializing a lot more with us. I really love the two of them. Also, they both love the Sugar Glider food I bought from you. Thanks so much for everything. I’ll talk to you soon!

Pam C.

The calming spray seems to make a big difference.  At the very least they like the smell of it.  I use it pretty much every time I handle them and it really does seem to put them a little more at ease. 

Laura C.

The following is a list of common questions we received from our many product testers while using the product:

Q:  Is the Original Bonding Potion “Organic”?

A:  Not all the ingredients we use to formulate these products can be classified as organic, as defined by the USDA’s organic certification process, so it cannot be labeled as Organic.  That said, all the ingredients are certified to be free of carcinogens and other hazardous substances commonly found in synthetic fragrances.  We are also proud to say that all ingredients are free trade sourced. 

The product is so safe you can eat it (or drink it), though we don’t think either of you will much care for the taste!  There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients.  And as our product formulators have been in the business for almost 30 years, they have developed relationships with the most reputable distillers all over the world.

Q:  Other than bonding, are there any other reasons for using the Original Bonding Potion on sugar gliders?

A:  Absolutely!  In one word, STRESS.  The Bonding Potion is a wonderful solution for any situation that creates stress for your gliders.  For instance, visiting the vet, taking them on vacation or doing anything that is not part of their normal routine may create stress for suggies.  Follow the same instructions for bonding above and your fuzzbutt should chill.

Q:  My husband is grouchy after work.  Can I use this product on him too?

A:  Go for it!  This potion will calm animals and humans alike.  Spray it around the house just before your irritable hubby gets home from work and watch him go from snappy to happy!  BTW, if you have co-workers or friends that need to take the drama down a few notches, we suggest trying a few spritzes on them!

Directions for use:

If you are sensitive to scents or have allergies, it is unlikely you will experience any problems with this formula.  It has a light, natural scent that quickly dissipates.  And it does not contain any product extenders that are often added to make scents last (…and last).

We recommend that you do your bonding sessions during the day, when sugar gliders typically sleep, as this is the best time to bond with them.  It is unnecessary to spray the potion onto the sugar glider; the animal does not need to wear it, but only needs to smell it.

Shake the bottle and spray three times directly into each sugar glider’s bonding pouch; also spray once into the palm of each hand and then rub your hands together.

Next, place the babies each in their own pouch. As they settle in, put your hand inside of the pouch and just hold the baby in the pouch in your hand.

For each bonding session with 1 glider and 1 human, you will use 4 sprays, meaning a bottle will last about 100 sessions.  More pouches or humans in a session?  Add 3 sprays for each pouch and 1 for each human to figure out how many sessions a single spray bottle will last.

Most human – glider pairs who are customers of ours will find significant bonding takes place within 2 weeks with 1 bonding session per day; we would expect similar results with gliders from other small breeders who spend time handling their joeys.  Sugar gliders purchased from pet stores or shows, or the occasional very feisty glider, may take 30 to 45 days, depending on how educated the human is on the bonding process.

PLEASE NOTE:  The human side of the bonding equation is very important; you should not attempt to bond with a glider if you are feeling stressed.  Remember, animals can sense when you are agitated.  So please read the comprehensive 6 part Bonding Series starting here first to find out if there is something you might do differently to encourage Bonding to take place.

If the tips in the Bonding Series don’t work for you, Original Bonding Potion is simply the best solution we have ever seen to the challenge of creating productive bonding sessions between stressed sugar gliders and humans!

At SunCoast, we bring experience, quality and great customer service right to you!  We care deeply about sugar gliders AND our customers!  Sugar gliders are our only specialty and we hope to be your specialists!

For more information on nutrition, or any subject related to sugar gliders, please check out our extensive information library here.  There’s a search tool that will help you sort through thousands of pages of information.

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