Sugar Glider Nectar (8 oz)


Glider Tested and Approved!  Nearly Identical Ingredients to Gliderade and Glideraide – at a Fraction of the Cost!

After testing all similar products, SunCoast found sugar gliders had no preference for Gliderade, Glideraide, or Sugar Glider Nectar, so in the best interests of our customers, we’ve chosen to offer the most economical product that meets our quality standards.  Why pay more if you don’t have to?!

And now these jars of Nectar are 2 ounces (33%) larger and come with a zip-top safety lid so you know the contents are fresh and safe for your glider!

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Veterinarians often prescribe the use of watered down Pedialyte as part of the treatment for sugar gliders recovering from illness or surgery because it is loaded with electrolytes.  Sugar Glider Nectar is a high carbohydrate formula designed specifically for the high metabolic needs of sugar gliders and is especially beneficial for sick, young, nursing, or relocated gliders.  Its high sugar content helps increase energy levels in ill sugar gliders and assists in replacing vital electrolytes and vitamins when your precious pet has diarrhea.  Nursing females benefit from the extra energy to care for and nurse their young.  Newly relocated gliders may experience stress related problems like diarrhea and the use of an electrolyte replacement may help acclimate them to their new home in a healthier manner.

In the wild, sugar gliders eat nectar and sap. This product was developed to emulate some of the food sources free-range gliders have access to.  Sugar Glider Nectar can be used as an adjunct to a healthy sugar glider diet because it promotes vitality and energy.  And the electrolytes provided by this product are also important to balancing overall health.  But it should not be used as a course replacement or main course food for your gliders. 

Sugar Glider Nectar is quite sweet tasting and we find that most gliders find the flavor enticing.  Do you have a picky eater on your hands?  We’ve found offering sugar glider nectar in its dry form sprinkled on top of that food they just won’t eat can transform the old yucky food into a delectable sugar glider delight!

For healthy gliders, we recommend using the nectar up to a maximum of 4 times per week.  To use Sugar Glider Nectar as a dry sprinkle, put a modest amount (roughly 1/3 teaspoon per glider) directly on the food or on your finger as a “licky treat”.  To use it in liquid form, mix one teaspoon into 1/3 cup of warm (not boiling) water and stir until dissolved completely. This will make slightly more than 2 ounces of mixture (unused portion should be discarded in 24 hours).

And remember, no drink supplements offered to your sugar glider can be considered a substitute for clean, fresh water.  In addition to offering Sugar Glider Nectar, your gliders should also have access to 8 ounces of water, changed daily.

Two-Ounce Glass Drinking Tube

SunCoast is delighted to offer a special price on the combination of a six-ounce jar of Sugar Glider Nectar with this 2 ounce glass drinking tube.  Please note: on the Sugar Glider Nectar package, it suggests using “a water bottle with a flow control ball”.  This is really just a suggestion, because rest assured, we use this same drinking tube to feed Sugar Glider Nectar to our gliders with absolutely no problems and it doesn’t have a flow control ball.

SunCoast prefers to use this two-ounce glass drinking tube to dispense Sugar Glider Nectar as it makes portion control foolproof – you don’t have to worry about your gliders consuming too much of the nectar if you put it in a small container in the first place!  Plus,  glass is desirable because it can be sterilized more easily than plastic.  

Why is this important?

Because of the vitamin and mineral content of Sugar Glider Nectar, your water bottle is more likely to grow things in it that are not good for glider health, so sterilization is important.  In addition, we do not recommend the use of an open dish to feed Sugar Glider Nectar, as gliders may go “potty” in that dish and spoil the offering.  So using a small glass drinking tube is safer for your gliders in several ways – and easier for you!  This drinking tube is made by Hagen, a trusted provider to the world of pets. 

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