Natural Diced Coconut (8 oz)

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Healthier than yogurt drops and just as loved!  That’s what the gliders are saying about diced coconut.    I’ve always kept shredded coconut on hand when breeding sugar gliders.  I found that it was a great way to solve those non-medical bouts of diarrhea experienced by sugar gliders from time to time … and this is a natural remedy that they love to eat!  Now of course, if diarrhea persists, always best to see a vet, but there are many other reasons I prefer to include coconut in my treat rotation than just this.

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Coconut is one of the world’s truly healthy foods, and indigenous people who live in parts of the world that consume a lot of coconut tend to be some of the healthiest people anywhere.

Coconut can help with weight loss (and goodness knows some sugar gliders could benefit here)… because it has a low glycemic index, it reduces appetite, so please know this and don’t overdo feeding coconut treats, because they may not want to each much else and coconut alone is not the path to best health for your sugar gliders.

Coconut oil can increase energy expenditure which also helps to burn fat.  So if you have sugar gliders that are of the lazy sort, and a bit chubby, you might consider this as their primary treat.

The lauric acid in coconut can kill bacteria, viruses. Pathogens like staph, yeast infections and fungi.   And how fun is that to kill fungi with a food that is fun to eat?

The fatty acids in coconut are turned into ketones which can reduce seizures.

Rotating your treats and using treats that bring health benefits to the menu is just one way we can keep our sugar gliders healthier, longer!

I’ve been a personal fan of coconut for years.  I consume organic coconut oil daily.  It is high in Omega 3’s, which help reduce inflammation.  I use it primarily for symptoms of arthritis, and I’ve seen older sugar gliders display such signs as well.  Best part is it’s delicious!

8 ounce resealable packing.

227 grams

Here’s what just a couple of our independent SunCoast Testers had to say!

 “omg..they just love the coconut, I had to hurry and pass them out because one was trying to take it from”  Carey M.

“Nina giving a whole “paws up” on coconut! Trio success and I think it’s quite yummy too! “  Kathy H.

“We got our tester package today!!!! We tried the coconut first… I almost lost a finger!!! Thought my babies were going to rip it off trying to take it from me!! I’d have to say I think it was a hit!  happy gliders = happy mommy”  Megan N

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