Papaya & Mango Combo (2 extra ounces same price!)

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Sugar Glider Sweet Treats: Papaya & Mango Chunks
Both now 8 oz! 2 more ounces for the same price

All pets deserve treats and sugar gliders are no different.  Whether treats are used to assist in the bonding experience, to reward your beloved little one for a job well done, or just because you luv them, why not use the treats that Arnold and many, many of his friends have chosen as their favorites? 


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Do you know why sugar gliders are called sugar gliders?  Well, the glider part is kind of obvious, but the sugar part comes from seeing gliders eat sugary things like manna as part of their diet in the wild.

We get requests for new treat flavors to add to our current offerings almost every day.  We’ve tried over 20 different treats here at SunCoast and while we choose to offer only things that are good for our sugar gliders, the final say goes to the sugar gliders themselves.  After months of testing, we have identified the top three choices of Arnold and the whole gang!  Papaya chunks, mango chunks, and pineapple chunks came up as the 3 winners.

The papaya is dried to perfection and diced to make it easier to feed to our little friends.  It’s delicious, nutritious (a good source of extra calcium) and has a chewy texture that sugar gliders like!

The mango chunks are also diced, making them easy to feed to sugar gliders.  These tasty tidbits are low in sugar and fat, and a great source of Vitamin A.  So you can be assured they are eating a delicious and healthy treat!  Your gliders will go mad for mango!

And now, thanks to a local business here in St. Pete, FL we can offer 8 ounces (226 grams) in a zip-top safety bag for the same price as the previous 6 oz plastic jars.

How can we do this?  The treats are now packed in a 5″ x 7″ USDA / FDA approved food packaging bag with a security strip at the very top and a re-closable zip-lock style seal.  You have probably seen this same type of packaging in the grocery store for your 2-legger human snacks – just tear off the security strip at the top of the bag, and when you’ve grabbed some treats, use the zip-lock to close and preserve freshness.  Fruit in this type of bag is always fresh and safe for your sugar glider!

Plus, the packaging is done locally, which saves shipping costs.  Bottom line, we can now provide you with 1/3 more fruit treat product for the same price.

But remember, both treats are like dessert, so don’t let your suggies fill up on dessert before they’ve had a healthy and delicious meal first!

We counted out the bags to see how long one would last.  There were over 320 sweet, tasty delicious diced fruit treats in each bag.  So these treats will last months and months for many glider families!

Papaya Treats contain papaya, cane sugar, sulfur dioxide, calcium, citric acid, and artificial color.  Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min .3%, Crude Protein max .8%, Crude Fat min .2%, Crude Fiber max 1.5%, Moisture max 18.8%

Mango Treats contain mango, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide, and artificial color.  Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min 6%, Crude Protein max 7%, Crude Fat min 5%, Crude Fiber max 1.2%, Moisture max 20.7%

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