Natural Diced Mango Treats (8 oz)


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We buy these treats in bulk from the same places that health food stores buy their treats.  Treats are great way to create and enforce the bond between you and your sugar gliders.   And why not use treats that they both love and are good for them.   These treats are “human food”, and can be shared with other people, and other pets as well!  This diced version is smaller than what you find in most health food stores and fits in those little hands better.

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The term sugar glider is somewhat of a misnomer.  They certainly glide, but they don’t really eat a lot of sweet foods in the wild.  Tree gum is one of their sustenance items in the wild, but I tasted it and it’s not naturally sweet.  However, sugar gliders do have an affinity for sweet foods and when fruits are dehydrated it brings out many of the natural sugar in a very sweet and tasty dessert.

The mango is dried to perfection.  Mango tastes so good it’s easy to forget how healthy it is.  Sometimes referred to as the “king of fruits” and is rich in Vitamin A, which is a great vitamin for healthy eyes.  And we all know sugar gliders are all about the big old eyes!   

  • 76 percent vitamin C (antioxidant and immune booster)
  • 25 percent vitamin A  (antioxidant and vision)
  • 11 percent vitamin B6 plus other B vitamins (hormone production in brain and heart disease prevention)
  • 9 percent healthy probiotic fiber
  • 9 percent copper (copper is a co-factor for many vital enzymes plus production of red blood cells)
  • 7 percent potassium (to balance out our high sodium intake)  (Do not confuse this with phosphorus!)
  • 4 percent magnesium


Some of the reported health benefits of mango in people include support of healthy skin and eyes, alkalizes PH levels, can assist in controlling diabetes, aids digestion, remedy for heat stroke (cools the body) and immune system boosting!

These diced chunks are smaller than you will find in most retail outlets and are easy for sugar gliders to handle, even to the extent of one in each paw!   But we do caution you, dried fruits are a treat or dessert item and we do not recommend that you used dehydrated fruit in lieu of fresh fruit or vegetables for their main meal.  Treats should be limited to 5% of total daily food intake.  The moisture content of fruits and veggies seems to be essential to sugar gliders as they tend not to be large water consumers.  Too many dried foods can lead to intestinal discomforts and blockages in the form of constipation.

Why are our prices cheaper than our competitors?  That’s simple.  We don’t waste a lot of money on fancy packaging.  We use a tamper resistant package with a security strip on the top.  Once you pull off that strip, it’s your basic everyday ziplock bag that you can reclose to preserve freshness.  Do you want to pay for fancy packaging with cute little pictures on the bag, or get the most for your money with all natural and nutritious treats?

Mango Treats contain natural mango, sugar, citric acid, sulfur  dioxide,  and artificial color.  Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein min 6%, Crude Protein max 7%, Crude Fat min 5%, Crude Fiber max 1.2%, Moisture max 20.7%  

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