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Sugar Glider Sweet Treats: Papaya & Mango Chunks
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All pets deserve treats and sugar gliders are no different.  Whether treats are used to assist in the bonding experience, to reward your beloved little one for a job well done, or just because you luv them, why not use the treats that Arnold and many, many of his friends have chosen as their favorites? 


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The term sugar glider is somewhat of a misnomer. They certainly glide, but they don’t really eat a lot of sweet foods in the wild. Tree gum is one of their sustenance items in the wild, but I tasted it and it’s not naturally sweet. However, sugar gliders do have an affinity for sweet foods and when fruits are dehydrated it brings out many of the natural sugar in a very sweet and tasty dessert.

The pineapple is an awesome combination of sweet and tart when fresh. In a dehydrated state the sugars really come out and it is yummy delicious sweet. Dehydration helps to maintain a long shelf life, so they aren’t going to go bad on you any time soon. Many are aware that this fruit is rich in vitamins. What many are not aware is that pineapple has a host of other health benefits. It has properties that help to fight against various illness and sicknesses such as sinusitis, arthritis, indigestion, infections of the stomach and intestines. It helps to ease indigestion because it is filled with proteolytic enzyme that breaks down protein thereby promoting digestion.

Healthier than yogurt drops and just as loved! That’s what the gliders are saying about diced coconut. I’ve always kept shredded coconut on hand when breeding sugar gliders. I found that it was a great way to solve those non-medical bouts of diarrhea experienced by sugar gliders from time to time … and this is a natural remedy that they love to eat! Now of course, if diarrhea persists, always best to see a vet, but there are many other reasons I prefer to include coconut in my treat rotation than just this.

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