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Access to pure fresh clean water is important to the health and survival of all animals, especially small animals like sugar gliders.  This water bottle is engineered for superior performance.

This water bottle has an 8 ounce capacity.

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What’s so important about a water bottle? First off, many people are afraid their gliders are not drinking enough water from the bottle, so they will put a dish of water in the cage to satisfy the glider’s need for water.  This practice is extremely unsanitary! Sugar gliders are indiscriminate about where they go “potty”, and it’s only a matter of time before urine or feces will end up in an open dish of water and the gliders will drink it.  So the first thing you do is to convert any water dish gliders from the open dish to a water bottle.

If your glider is not used to drinking out of a water bottle, you can teach it to use the water bottle by putting something sweet on the tip, like honey. You must remove the water dish first, however, or the glider will not even try the bottle.  It’s important during this training period that you monitor the glider’s ability to use our bottle.  When we have adult gliders that need water bottle training, we feed watery fruits on the first night of training to ensure that they are getting enough hydration.

Water bottles will keep the water fresh clean and sanitary, all vital elements to your glider’s good health.  And glass water bottles are clearly superior to the plastic type bottles sold in most pet stores.  This glass water bottle is made of durable, thick wall glass making it dishwater safe.  Every component part of the bottle is able to be sterilized completely. Plastic water bottles are more difficult to clean and sterilize, and if any growth starts inside of a plastic bottle, the walls of the bottle will become somewhat pitted encouraging new growth to take hold quickly.

Some plastic water bottles will even have a “taste” to them and that doesn’t sound too refreshing, does it?

Our water bottle comes with a one-piece tube cap with ultra vacuum seal.  To prevent leakiness in water bottles, it’s important to fill them completely and tighten the cap securely. The stainless steel tube part of the cap has a double ball point tip which allows water to flow when the sugar glider licks the end of the tube.  Our bottle attaches with a spring and nickel-plated (safe!) quick connect clips.  Always attach this bottle from the outside of the cage going in.  You do not want your suggies coming into direct contact with the spring.

Here’s how the bottle works. Vacuum pressure keeps water in.  The control ball works as a piston pump and displaces water out the tube when nudged inwardly by licking.  The  water bottle should be mounted in a convenient location with the tube tip easily accessible to your glider.  You may want to put a shelf, perch or rope toy near the bottle to make critter access easier.  The spring is designed so that it can be stretched over the top of the bottle for easy removal.  Mount the bottle with the retainer spring near the top of the bottle and the tube resting on a cage cross-bar.

Important Notice: Always fill the bottle completely full! After cleaning and refilling, make sure the sealing gasket is in place.  Tighten the cap securely.  If the gasket is missing or the cap is loose, air entry can cause non-stop dripping.

Consider having two water bottles available so that you can run one through the dishwasher occasionally for maximum sterilization while the other is in use.

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