Sugar Glider Contempo Cave


A Swanky Urban Retreat

A happy sugar glider is the result of a combination of things that include a well-bonded relationship with a human, one or more cage mates, a healthy balanced diet and a stimulating environment within a large cage.  In other words, every sugar glider needs a retreat within a retreat.  And that’s exactly what this posh-looking gizmo is!  In fact, this may just be the hippest urban glider retreat we’ve ever laid our eyes on!  A trove cove, a sweet retreat: The Sugar Glider Contempo Cave!

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Any suggie will feel like he’s won the lotto, perched inside this glider grotto!  It’s a mod lodge for your glider hodge podge – a neat retreat for your little sweet!  Without a doubt, this is one hip hideout!  OK, enough already with the Dr. Seuss rhymes, you get the point…

Sugar gliders like to have things hung way up high in their habitat, so it can be mounted directly on the cage bars from the top of the cage, as demonstrated by Kyle in the photo on the top left.  Or you can just place this chic little hideaway on the bottom of the cage, shown with Kyle in center picture to the left.

Remember, whether it’s with toys or food, sugar gliders love, love, love variety.  So even if your suggies already have another nesting device, such as the Coconut Treehouse, this one is a sleek, bright addition to any sugar glider’s habitat.  The Treehouse is more of a nod to a suggie’s rainforest-esque roots, but this one is a akin to a stylized, modern, metro design.   Variety IS the spice of life! This vogue dwelling features a cave area about 4.5″ in diameter with 3 contemporary legs just over 6″ long.  The gams on this haute hut aren’t just pretty, but they’re also functional, since they can be attached directly to the cage rungs!

You may have noticed your sugar gliders vary their sleeping arrangements from time to time.  Adding a log to this nest (pun intended!) – or vice versa – will keep them satiated and happy.

Leave a few pieces of nesting materials around their habitat and then let your gliders build their own nest inside their cool cave.  Leave out a leafy vine, a few scraps of clean old fleece pieces and / or some worn out tee-shirt scraps. Your sugar gliders can carry the items into their comtempo cave and build their very own nest inside!  It’s so much fun to see what they come up with AND it’s also an extremely stimulating exercise for your gliders.

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