ZooMed Remote Sensor Thermostat 500R


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Sugar Glider body temperatures are only 2 degrees different from yours – if you are comfy in a short sleeve shirt, it’s likely your glider will be too.  If you are cold, your sugar glider is cold too.  The ideal temp is between  70 and 85 degrees.  Gliders can tolerate temps a bit more extreme, but this is the range that your glider will be happiest and healthiest.  So?

The only UL tested and approved ceramic heat device for use with animals!
The Heat Emitter is available with the following accessories in a discounted package:

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ZooMed Remote Sensor Thermostat 500R

As you were reading the emitter section above on positioning the emitter for the right cage temperature, perhaps you were thinking, “Man, there has got to be an easier way”.  The remote sensor thermostat is the easier way.  Just pick the temperature you want on the dial, and the thermostat does the rest, automatically turning the ceramic heat emitter on and off to maintain the ideal temperature for your sugar gliders.  Simply attach the thermostat sensor to the cage so the rounded “bulb” end sticks into the cage area, plug the emitter into the thermostat, plug the thermostat into a wall socket, and dial up desired temp.  Be sure that your sugar glider cannot directly reach cords attached to the lamp or the thermostat.  The sensor must be positioned for accurate readings, yet cords out of reach of your glider.  The thermostat package also includes a safety cover to help prevent accidental changing of the temperature setting.

Plus, this thermostat has two outlets to plug into so if you have a large cage or need more heat it will control two emitter-clamp lamp sets totaling up to 500 watts of power at the same time.  

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