GreenStump All Purpose Cleaner (32 oz)

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All Natural
All Purpose Cleaner
Odor Guard
Safe for Pets
Safe for You
Safe for the Earth

Available in 8 ounce bottles as well!

No need to take cage outside, or move it to the bathtub. You can wash your cage right where it is with this all natural, all purpose cleaner. This cleaner is useful for any household cleaning including cages, pet toys, countertops, floors. If you’ve been stumped by all of the green products on the market, be stumped no more!  

If Mr Myagi were to work with a French chemist, this product would be summed up like this. Wipe on, wipe off, voila! Once your habitat and/or toys are dry, the product’s active ingredients are no longer active. Unlike our previous cage cleaner, it is recommended to wipe down this product with a cloth rinsed in clean water. While the product is safe, it doesn’t taste too good, and we want to prevent this taste from getting on your animals’ feet, because they do lick their own feet and each others.

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Use GreenStump all purpose cleaner on any surfaces that you want to get clean and stay green in the process. This is a new concept in cleaning and is safe for you, your pets and our earth. Naturally occurring surfactants clean with a subtle foaming action that breaks down grease and grime quickly. So wipe it on, use a small scrub brush or old toothbrush in hard to reach places and wipe off with a clean, wet cloth. Once the habitat, toys, accessories are dry, it’s ready to use again.

GreenStump is a concentrated cleaner. Use full strength for heavy duty jobs, and for lighter cleaning dilute 1 part of product to 4 parts water.

Use in your laundry to get rid of smells in fleece bedding. Use on your Nail-O-Matic, the first green product our customers happily proclaimed got that smell out that too! And the fresh scent will last longer than with previous natural products we’ve offered, which pleases me a great deal.  

GreenStump is preservative free and 100% cruelty free. This rapidly biodegradable cleaner slows bacteria from attaching, growing and lingering on surfaces. Bacteria is one of the main culprits of nasty odors.  GreenStump will also get rid of smells associated with the natural occurrences of musk and urine odors.

You will notice a slight, soft, pleasant scent after cleaning.  This is the odor guard and is made of the highest quality organic, essential oils known to be safe for pets, people and planet! So while there is a fragrance, it is very light and fresh smelling. I’m personally a bit sensitive to smell infused cleaners, perfumes and strong fragrances and I find this smell is music to my nose and much preferred over the sugar gliders dirty cage smell. It is far better than the smell of bleach or vinegar, both which are offensive to my super sensitive smell-o-meter.

Both of these products are biodegradable, 100% non-toxic and sourced from safe, plant extracts.  It is harmless to use on any surface inside, or surrounding, your glider habitat.

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