Collapsible Travel Cage


Sugar Glider Travel Cage $95.84

Cage Open: 32” x 23” x 23”
Collapsed size: 32” x 23” x 4”

We put on our search goggles to find a suitable travel cage for sugar gliders and came up with this fabulous foldable travel cage.  Not only will this work well at your travel destination, but in the car as well.  Here are just a few great features of this awesome sugar glider travel cage:

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Sugar Glider Travel Cage $95.84

Cage Open: 32” x 23” x 23”
Collapsed size: 32” x 23” x 4”

We put on our search goggles to find a suitable travel cage for sugar gliders and came up with this fabulous foldable travel cage.  Not only will this work well at your travel destination, but in the car as well.  Here are just a few great features of this awesome sugar glider travel cage:

1)  The fabric is constructed of a sturdy, water- resistant coated nylon-mesh in navy blue with stylish tan accents.  The cage is designed to use with medium sized dogs, so that should give you some idea on the strength of material used.

2)  Because the fabric is extremely lightweight, it makes it very easy to carry.  On the outside of the cage there is one large pocket, a medium size pocket and a smaller pocket just the right size for a water bottle.  You can see the medium and small pockets on the side in the photo at right; the large pocket is in the rear (opposite screened end shown in photo).

3)  The screen panels are made of a dense weave mesh that filters out the light, but still lets our nocturnal fuzzbutts see through.  These panels are  large and provide plenty of ventilation to keep your li’l buddies cool, comfortable and safe.

4)  The screen panels on both long sides, the top, and the rear have velcro-closable flaps to shut out light or keep in heat, if desired.  Or, these flaps can be rolled up and held out of the way using the elastic  hook-and-loop fasteners sewed into the fabric.

5)  Each corner and connection point is reinforced and the door is zippered and escape-proof, so even clever sugar glider Houdinis will be safe from themselves!

6)  The included carry case has one large velcro-closure pocket on front, and comes with a padded shoulder strap as well as top handles to make carrying around easy and convenient.

7)  Sets up quickly and easily – 2 spring-loaded sliding pole connectors create the frame at the top.  Just join the poles – that’s all there is to it!

8)  Folds down into a collapsible format, taking up minimal space – great for storage

Exclusive to SunCoast with this cage:

9)  We provide a potty-aid grid system that slides onto the cage bottom for fast and easy cleanups

10)  We provide a grid mounting system for easy setup of food / water / pouches in cage

Complete instructions for installing both these grids along with quick mount hardware included!

In general, there are two motivations for travel.  The first is you choose to go somewhere for pleasure or business.  But there is another reason you may have to hit the road, and those of you living in Atlantic perimeter and Gulf Coast states may know this form of travel as evacuation.  In making our new travel cage selection, we wanted to recognize that some forms of travel require extreme ease of use, small size during the actual time of travel and a suitable size for your sugar gliders play and recreation needs at destination.  This product fit the bill!

We looked at many competing models of this type of product and were delightfully pleased with the craftsmanship of this particular brand.  We also REALLY like how easy it is to get operational.  Two spring-loaded pole connectors take less than a minute to fasten. There are no parts to lose or forget somewhere because everything is self-contained! 

Almost?  Well, yes, because one thing that took us some time to figure out is how we could use this effectively with sugar gliders to make easy provisions for their potty needs and for OUR cleanup process.  As many sugar glider owners already know, a few tinkles could create an open puddle that your high energy gliders might think is their very own slip ‘n slide!  And the last thing you want during travel, whether it’s for pleasure or an emergency, is your crew creating a stinky ole mess inside of the entire shelter.  So we came up with a really neat-o pliable plastic grid that has been designed to custom fit your travel cage.  We have included this “potty grid” with the cage as part of this setup.

In addition, creating the perfect sugar glider environment in a travel cage includes knowing where and how to hang water bottles, toys, pouches, feed cups, etc.  We have included an installable hanging grid plus cable ties to secure it with this sugar glider travel cage!  The tubular support frame of this kennel is very sturdy so this grid can be hung from the support frame and anchored at the two corners, ready to hang sleeping pouches, clip-on feed cups, water bottles, and even toys, simply and securely.

This foldable travel cage weighs only a few pounds and folds down to a completely flat position in two minutes (if you’re slow!)  This is certainly a huge advantage for the family packed tight in the car for that big family trip.

When the need arises, the travel cage can be hosed down for cleaning.  We do recommend that you be careful using chemicals to clean it.  I use warm soapy water in a spray bottle.  But don’t use too much soap because you want to rinse all soap residues out of the inside before using it again with your furry family members.  Allow it to dry thoroughly by leaving it in its “popped up” position before storing it away.

The cage dimensions are 32” x 23” x 23”, which is only slightly smaller than what we recommend for sugar glider permanent habitats.  We decided to offer it, however, because we did some measurements in various cars and found that the larger size will not fit in its popped up position inside of many vehicles.  If you choose to travel with your sugar gliders inside the cage while on the road, we wanted you to have the option to do so.  And it is a very convenient setup for the occasional trips to the vet.  As an aside, many people will use bonding pouches for short transports, but some are concerned that seatbelts and airbags can create life threatening situations and prefer to have the gliders in a travel cage while driving.

As mentioned above, the sides are made of pet safe, light filtering screen.  Sugar glider nails do not stick to the screen surface and they navigate flawlessly around inside.  As a matter of fact, some have reported the bouncy surface just seems like a whole lot more fun for sugar gliders, as evidenced by their higher activity levels – isn’t that what vacation is about?  Fun?  Also, the screen prevents outside splatter from food flinging or potty time, so if you are a guest in someone’s home, this may be a very welcome feature, complete mess containment!

While on the subject of containment, it may occur to some of you that this enclosure might work very well when feeding your gliders crickets or other hopping insects.  Please be warned that crickets can chew through mesh fabrics quite quickly, so we recommend that you feed alternate sources of food other than crickets, or feed them crickets while outside of the travel cage. 

And to answer your question on whether or not the gliders themselves will chew through this fabric, our experience tells us that no, most of them will not even attempt to.  But we are smart enough to credit gliders with their own brand of smarts, so if you have a known chewer, be sure to keep a lot of toys and other stimulation in the environment.  There are some overachievers out there that just may make chewing their mission, but the typical sugar glider will indeed be safely contained within.  Make sure to check the outer perimeter from time to time to ensure there are not beginnings of breaches, tears or other signs of wear and tear.  This will help further insure your gliders’ safety while on the road.

If you have multiple colonies of sugar gliders, you may want to consider getting one for each colony.  It would be extremely unadvisable to mix and mingle your colonies.

So hit the road and have a good time!  And if you think there is a chance you may be forced out by hurricanes, wild fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides, tsunamis, typhoons, swarms of killer bees, giant squid or any other muscle flexing by Mother Nature, pick one or two of these up today and be prepared to take great care of your whole family in a moment’s notice!

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 33 × 26 in


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