HQ Hex Sugar Glider Cage with Toy Attachments


HQ  Hexagonal Cage with toy attachments  $347.83

NO unnecessary obstructions, like ramps and ladders.

Model 61818

Best price from any sugar glider store!  “Yeah, but I saw it on another website for right under $300!”  Tis true that one of the other guys sells it for that much, BUT he gets you on shipping costs big time.  Our shipping price is only $9.95 to any of the lower 48 states.

AND, we include at no extra charge two of these braided super S-T-R-E-T-C-H rope toys because the solid roof on this cage means you can’t hang toys from up top.

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Please, allow me if you will, to give you the straight scoop.   HQ brand has established itself as the premium cage choice over other brands.  There are some lookalikes out there, and they are not necessarily cheaper.  The biggest issue I’ve run across is that the paint job is not applied well, which means you get chips and rust really fast. 

You can get the best without overpaying.   And if it’s not HQ, it’s not the best of class in this cage style.

So here’s the skinny on this ginormous (phat) sugar glider home:

Let’s start with an important fact.  There are no unnecessary obstructions, like ramps and ladders.  The point of having a large cage is to give sugar gliders maximum room to move.  Hey, did you know they can glide up to 150 feet in the wild?  That’s half the distance of a football field.  Sugar gliders natural acrobatic, athletic ability exceeds that of any Cirque de Soleil performer, so the idea of ramps and ladders is just ridonkulous! 

The six sided hexagonal shape and contoured roof make these attractive sugar glider cages a welcome addition to any room. This cage includes two perches and two double-cup feeder cups; a majestic 68″ tall, 27″ wide from panel to panel and 36 inches wide from corner to corner. Each of the 6 side panels is 18″ wide. 

The stylish “pyramid” roof overhangs the cage walls about 3″ on all sides. This giant cage has just over 29 cubic feet of volume – roomy enough for even the busiest glider, with lots of room for toys, pouches, and branches. Up to 5 gliders can live together in a space this size. The cage is finished in a heavy powder coated (also called epoxy…same thing)  animal safe paint (no PVC), with 1/2 inch bar spacing. Easy access, easy lock doors.  Please don’t buy the hype from one of those other guys that their cage is “medical grade” because the fact is there is no such thing.  Google it for yourself.

The entire cage is 68″ tall; the legs make up 8 inches of this overall height.  The hex design is 36 inches at the widest points in the living area.  With a roof overhang, you need a 42 inch space to put it in.  Did I mention that it’s really big?  Each of the side panels is 18” wide and there is over 29 cubic feet of volume – plenty of room for even the busiest glider, with lots of room for toys, pouches, and branches.  

The cage is outfitted with two large easy access sure-lock doors (approx 10″ x 9″) and two small doors (approx 5 inches square); we suggest you secure these smaller doors with cable ties, which we supply with the cage.  Two bottom fitted trays are easily accessed via slotted openings, as well as two drop-though pull-out grills which rest atop the pull out trays.  These features make clean up time easy and convenient!  The cage is mounted on six large casters.  Speaking of casters, if you plan to roll this cage between different rooms, make sure your door openings are a bit more than 36″ wide – this cage is very large. 

Arnold says he’s looked high and low for a cage that suited his active lifestyle and that his human friends were proud to keep in their home. “Every sugar glider cage we ever looked at was just too unattractive for our lifestyle.”  Assembly is required, takes an hour to an hour and half and the only tools needed are a flat head (slotted) screwdriver and a pliers.  Safety features: The cage is finished in a heavy powder coated (animal safe) paint (not PVC coated wire).  1/2 inch bar spacing.  Easy access, easy lock doors.

Note: This cage was originally designed for birds. Sugar Gliders are a lot more inquisitive than birds, and may find a way to squeeze out of the cleaning slots at the bottom of a stock cage, especially if the cage is improperly assembled.  We are providing detailed assembly instructions and a glider-tested magnetic closure system for the cleaning slots with these cages to ensure the cage is safe and secure for your sugar gliders. Another free feature that we add on to the original manufactured product!

We’ve sold this cage for a long time and it’s been very popular for us.  However, there have been a few complaints and I would be happy to tell you what those are.

The number one complaint is that you can’t hang toys from the ceiling because of the solid roof!  We fix that problem for you and include at no extra cost, two rope toys (over $16 value)  that you can hook up high and criss cross up high in the cage and hang anything you want to hang.  The rope toys, while stretchy are very strong and can support substantial weight.  And because they are braided, your toys won’t slip and slide as they might on other types of ropes.  The rope toy is completely washable and long lasting!

The next complaint is that the doors are too small to service a cage so large.  With our “plain English” instructions, we share a customer’s awesome  tip on how to make the two primary doors into one large door making the cage very easy to service without creating an “escape” issue.  The modifications take only about ten minutes and is well worth the effort.

Now, can we interest you in a starter kit to go with those new digs?  We offer three basic packages of supplies to help you get started setting up a new home for your sugar gliders.

Essential Nutrition – $25.67 –  the only human grade pellet  food, plus vet recommended vitamin and calcium supplements.

The Bed & Breakfast  $55.19 – Essential Nutrition plus a sleeping pouch, bonding pouch, and water bottle.

The Bed, Breakfast & Recreation  $96.71 – The Bed & Breakfast plus a Senior Wodent Wheel (with tail guard), two more rope toys (can’t have too many of these bad boys) and a feather teaser.

This cage does include feed cups, but I gotta be honest here.  For such an awesome, well made, beautiful cage, I think the feed cups are really chintzy.  You might want to get some really nice feed cups like these stainless steel ones.

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Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 62 × 23 in


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