Sugar Glider Bonding Pouch: Rainbow Tiger


SunCoast is excited to offer a trendy, innovative, proprietary design to our line of sugar glider pouches.  

  • Pouch made of fleece
  • Rope made of silk
  • Ideal Ventilation 
  • Design prevents overheating
  • Boxed corners to prevent the pouch from collapsing 
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in U.S.A

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Our Bonding Pouches are made of warm fleece, the ideal fabric for a sugar glider pouch. It is 100% machine washable. 

Why do you need a Bonding Pouch? 
The Bonding Pouch is for carrying your glider around outside the cage in safety, which speeds up the bonding process. Alternatively, the Sleeping Pouch serves to provide a safe and secure area inside the cage to sleep. 

This pouch hangs from a high quality silk rope that has been permanently stitched with double reinforcements to ensure protection. A safety window lets your sugar glider see out, you can see in, and the glider gets excellent ventilation – a much safer approach than using a “drawstring” pouch.  This window is made of pet-safe screen in a resilient black vinyl-coated polyester that is resistant to tears and scratches.  The pouches have been glider-tested in our quality assurance lab to ensure safety and quality.  These pouches are spacious and there is plenty of room for multiple sugar gliders – just the right size for bonding. 


Safety Features:


Inside seams and side loops have been double sewn to prevent exposure to loose threads, which can wrap around limbs and cause severe injury.


sleeping pouch side

(side view)

The corners are “boxed” to prevent the pouch from collapsing inward and crowding the sugar glider space, creating plenty of safety-first sleeping room.


Bonding Pouch


The pouch closes with a safe double sewn plastic zipper right above the plastic screen window to prevent the glider from crawling or jumping out. Unlike the “open top” pouches, just a quick zip and your glider is safe and very secure. Plus, you don’t have to be constantly worried about the glider jumping out of the pouch.

This pouch is perfect for gliders coming home for the first time.  It can be used as both a bonding and a sleeping pouch when your sugar glider is new to your home, giving your glider a feeling of trust and security from the beginning.  Just hang the pouch open in the cage.  Remove pouch, close, and wear around your neck to start the bonding process.  The pouch hangs over your heart so your glider can hear your heart beat.  This feature is important and soothing to sugar gliders as they are used to hearing their mother’s heart beat.

Consider getting two of these well made products so you always have a clean one ready on pouch laundry day.  Professionally sewn with pride and love in the U.S.A.  For wash day, we suggest you turn the pouch inside out and zip up the strap inside the pouch to avoid tangle damage.

And don’t forget to also get a Sleeping Pouch for when your glider begins to spend more time running around inside the cage – and chewing on the zipper of your Bonding Pouch.

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