Sugar Glider Sleeping Pouch: Rainbow Tiger

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SunCoast is excited to offer a trendy, innovative, proprietary design to our line of sugar glider pouches.  

  • Made of fleece
  • Unlined for temperature control
  • Boxed corners to prevent the pouch from collapsing 
  • Vertical hang
  • Nylon Clips
  • Made in U.S.A

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These Sleeping Pouches are made of cozy warm fleece, the very best fabric for a sugar glider pouch, and 100% machine washable. It is our opinion that sleeping pouches over tents or hammocks because marsupials are all about the pouch!

We started using this pouch design in our breeding facility back in 2000. We had nearly 200 colonies of sugar gliders, all using this style pouch. We’ve stuck with the same design all these years because it worked perfectly.

Our breeders were set up in either pairs or trios, and rarely a foursome. This size pouch met the needs of all of our small colonies including their offspring. It was always my preference to use two pouches in each habitat. I found that in most cases, as one pouch became a bit, shall we say, stinky, the colony would move to the other clean pouch and I would remove the stinky pouch and wash it.

These can be machine washed. I do recommend that you air dry them. Sure they can be thrown in the dryer, but I find that fleece seems to last a lot longer if you don’t use the dryer. If you do use the dryer, please avoid using typical anti-cling type dryer sheets (best to be safe about all products we use for our pets).

Meeting our strict standards for premium quality and safety, hanging loops are double sewn to each side of the pouch. Through each loop is a nylon clip that will not rust or corrode.

These pouches are spacious and there is plenty of room for multiple sugar gliders. The opening is easy to access by the sugar gliders’ human companions. Adult-size hands can easily reach in without having to unhook, untie, or unbunch to get to the ones they love.



Fleece does not unravel. This is super important because woven fabrics will get stringy edges that can wrap around limbs or other body parts causing strangulation. We also use a lighter weight thread. The thread is strong enough to do its job of holding seams together, but not so strong that is would pose any danger to your sugar gliders. I’ve used this pouch design for over 15 years with many sugar gliders and have never had a pouch accident from this style.


This is an unlined pouch which is a huge plus. Many pouch sellers will try their best to convince you that pouches must be lined to hide any possible loose threads. The problem is that lined pouches get very warm and sugar gliders, due to their small size, can get overheated and dehydrated easily. We are located in the South, where it’s warm almost always. On those rare cold nights, we would simply put one sleeping pouch inside another to create that layered effect. Unlined pouches are by far preferable during warm months and easily accommodate cold by doubling up. This is a pouch for all seasons.

sleeping pouch side

(side view)


The corners are “boxed” to prevent the pouch from collapsing inward and crowding the sugar
glider space, creating a bit more open space for two, three or even four sugar gliders to cuddle
up together.

sleeping pouch hanging

The pouch hangs vertically, which sugar gliders seem to prefer to the horizontal pouch
designs. It feels more natural and provides a warm, cozy environment familiar and safe for our little marsupial friends.

Nylon clips are easy to use, washable, won’t rust or corrode, and reduce wear on the pouch
hanging loops.


Consider getting two of these well made products so you always have a clean one ready on
pouch laundry day.

Professionally sewn with pride and love in the U.S.A.


And don’t forget to also get a Bonding Pouch for safe glider transportation outside the cage and a faster bonding process with your glider. We offer a matching bonding pouch for most of our sleeping pouch options



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