Sturdy Sugar Glider Cage Plus Supplies Pack


Get the Sturdy Sugar Glider Cage plus Supplies Pack:

One Black Bonding Pouch
One Black Sleeping Pouch
One 1.5 LB Bag of Wholesome Balance
One 8 ounce package of Blueberry Fortifier with 4 stainless steel measuring spoons
One Glass Water Bottle

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Now here’s a whole lot of sugar glider cage without a whole lot of price tag – and it includes a stand on wheels! This 36 inch tall, 32 inch wide, and 21 inch deep cage boasts 14 cubic feet of volume, is very sturdy and can take a lot of moving around.  Add the height of the stand – with a shelf for glider goodies – and the whole thing measures 61 inches tall.  This cage includes two wooden perches and two double feed cups, and is a great choice if you have young kids because it has doors with safety clasps difficult for the young’uns to open.

Many sites sell cages that look like this but they’re not the same quality (rust is a problem for those cages) and bet they’ll charge you more than $8 for shipping! This cage is roomy and will house 2 to 3 gliders with toys comfortably. Sugar glider safe powder-coated paint (no PVC), with 1/2 inch bar spacing.

Optional supply packs are available with this cage at a discount.

Now here’s a whole lot of cage without a whole lot of price tag – and it includes a stand on wheels!  This cage is very sturdy and can take a lot of moving around.  It is also a great choice if you have young kids because it can handle the bumps and bangs and has doors with safety clasps that are difficult for the young’uns to open.  And it’s handsome to behold, just a beautiful cage, with great fit and finish.

This cage is manufactured by H/Q.  If you are looking at similar cages sold online, you are probably looking at cages manufactured by copy-cat manufacturers.  We checked out the copy-cat cages and were quite disappointed (as were our customers); to learn what we found out about these cages through experience, click here.  Do yourself a favor, and ask who the cage manufacturer is before you buy!

When we first discovered this cage we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and  durability of it.  I admit our expectations weren’t sky high because the price tag said differently, but based on the quality and features, this cage is a serious bargain!  You won’t easily find this kind of quality at this price; it’s a very well made, easy to assemble, easy to clean, all-around highly functional cage.  We use one just like it for our pet sugar gliders Sydney and Sheldon (Arnold stays in the big house).

Why is this cage so sturdy?  Many cages (including our Economy cages) are made completely of wire, and though they keep the critters in just fine, they are not strong enough to handle a lot of pressure – you can’t put a big stack of books on them, for example.  But check out the tube frame construction around the outside of this cage – at the corners, and around the top and bottom.  Also note there are two sets of these reinforcing tubes circling the cage around the middle, and bars on all sides of the front doors of the cage.  That’s what we mean by sturdy!  Bring on the books!

The cage measures 36 inches tall, 32 inches wide, and 21 inches deep.  Add the height of the stand – which has a shelf for glider goodies – and the whole thing measures 61 inches tall.  You can see how big it is compared with the yardstick leaning against the wall on the right in the picture.  The bar spacing is 1/2 inch wide and the wire is finished in a heavy powder coated animal safe paint; you can see a  toxicity analysis of this paint here, showing very low levels of toxic metals versus acceptable levels.  Please be wary of PVC coated wire cages.

This cage includes two wooden perches and two double feed cups. The stand is on heavy rolling wheels, so moving it around is easy.  Another nice feature of the cage is the bottom grill also pulls out making cleaning and placement of oversized toys and branches very, very easy.  A pull out plastic tray for easy cleaning is also included.  Did I already say there is a storage shelf on the rolling stand?

There are two large (13 inch x 10 inch) doors on the front.  These front doors lock with a heavy duty, easy to release rotational lock mechanism as opposed to a sliding bolt.  Some folks call this a “twisty lock”, it’s similar to a window lock.  This makes escapes virtually impossible, and these locks are also challenging for young children to open.  There’s also two small doors (5 inch x 5 inch) on the sides of the cage near the top; we suggest you secure these smaller doors with cable ties, which we supply with the cage.

Included with this brand new cage setup is a blow up diagram making assembly easy and fast.  Even the non-mechanically inclined crowd will appreciate assembly time that averages less than fifteen minutes and requires only a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench or pair of pliers.  This cage is roomy and will house 3 to 4 gliders with adequate space for oversized toys and accessories.

This is the type of cage that will last a glider’s lifetime and is attractive as well as highly functional.  Bigger is always better for gliders and you can’t get too big for these active little critters.  In a bigger cage, they can jump farther, get lots more exercise, and just have a grand old time in all that space.  Sugar gliders may be small, but they think and they play BIG!

If you are planning to set up a new habitat for new sugar gliders, then check out our two special package deals below.  For more info on using these products and caring for sugar gliders, check out The Sugar Glider Stork is Coming Guide (PDF).  It’s a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know to set-up and use the products in your cage pack, with lots of tips on caring for, feeding, and bonding with your sugar gliders.

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