Bed & Breakfast


Ahhhh … nutritious and tasty food and a cozy place to sleep!  Doesn’t that make you just wish you could be a sugar glider for a day?  It is the good life!

This bundled package is designed to save you money and to give you the basic essentials for your sugar gliders.  If you’re just starting out or ready to renew and upgrade things you’ve been buying, we have a sweet deal for you.

The Bed & Breakfast Starter kit includes all of these:


Bed & Breakfast:  $55.19 – YOU SAVE $6.33 over a la carte pricing.  That’s over 10% savings and you get a $5 spoon set FREE!

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  • 1.5 lbs of Wholesome Balance – a two month supply for two gliders and good for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • One 8-ounce package of Blueberry Fortifier – a one year supply for one sugar glider
  • Black Sleeping Pouch (hence the bed part)
  • Black Bonding Pouch (a portable bed so your glider can sleep while you’re on the go!)
  • Glass Water Bottle – what’s breakfast without something to drink?
  • A free set of stainless steel nip/pinch/smidgen/dash measuring spoons so that you exactly how much supplement to give your babies (a $5.00 value for free!)


You’re gonna need all of these items in order to set up a proper habitat for your sugar gliders, so why not buy it all together at one time and save some moola?

I’ve tried all sorts of sleeping contraptions with my breeding colony of sugar gliders over the years, and most of them prefer the basic quintessential hanging sleeping pouch.  It’s made of soft fleece, plastic clips (metal clips will rust in time) and is washable.  I do recommend you air dry it though, because fleece will develop little fabric pills in the dryer.

Then you have your bonding pouch.  We offer this matching combo sleeping/bonding pouch in forest green, but we are so interested in making you happy, if you add a comment to your order, we’ll cheerfully switch out the colors for you!  This design in bonding pouches is an innovation of SunCoast’s from many years a yonder.  A lot of companies offer things that look like this on the world wide web, but they may not look the same from the inside.  We pay attention to the details, inside and out.

Last but not least, while it’s not fine crystal, the glass water bottle is really preferable over plastic because you can clean glass better.  In time, plastic gets pitted and just gets gross.  I highly recommend that you ultimately get two water bottles as really cheap insurance.  These bottles have gaskets in them and if the gasket leaks, no water leads to rapid dehydration.  If you want a second bottle, you can add one here.

Why don’t we include food dishes?  Simple – most of the cages we sell (except the Tall cage) have food dishes included already.  But if you need some dishes, we can hook you up here with hookable hanging dishes.

So now you have the Bed & Breakfast.  May I recommend you consider the starter kit that includes recreation?

At SunCoast, we bring experience, quality and great customer service right to you!  We care deeply about sugar gliders AND our customers!  Sugar gliders are our only specialty and we hope to be your specialists!

For more information on nutrition, or really any subject related to sugar gliders, please check out our extensive information library here.  There’s a search tool that will help you sort through thousands of pages of information.

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