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This is our BEST starter kit deal available.  This kit includes the most basic essential items for all sugar gliders.  Starting off with top shelf, human grade free feed staple food and human grade blueberry enhanced vitamins.   Quality (inside and out) pouches, glass water bottle, and TOYS!

Here’s what you get:


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Sooooo… you’re setting up a new habitat for new babies.  Of course you want to feed your new friends well and have them comfortable in their new home.  How about setting them up to have some fun as well?  We all need toys!

Kit contents include:

  • 1.5 lbs of Wholesome Balance – a two-month supply for two gliders and intended as a round-the-clock free feed
  • One 8-ounce package of Blueberry Fortifier – a one year supply for one sugar glider
  • 2 Black Sleeping Pouches – an extra for wash day – wanna swap colors? Just add to comments in your shopping cart.  We aim to please.
  • A Black Bonding Pouch – keep them secure and safe while you roam the lands together!
  • A Glass Water Bottle – easier to keep clean than plastic.  It’s nice to have two water bottles (in case one leaks). 
  • SR Wodent Wheel (with FREE tail shield!) Simply the best in the cage exercise there is.  Check out Lisa’s YouTube Video here!
  • 2 Stretch Rope Toys
  • Feather Teaser
  • A free set of stainless steel nip/pinch/smidgen/dash measuring spoons so that you exactly how much supplement to give your babies (a $5.00 value for free!)


You’re gonna need all of these items in order to set up a proper habitat for your sugar gliders, so why not buy it all together at one time and save some moola?

Frequently Asked Question: Are the wodent wheels safe?  I’ve read that they can injure the sugar glider tails.  Check out Lisa’s YouTube Video here!

Correct Answer:  The manufacturer of Wodent Wheel took community concerns into consideration years ago and modified the Wodent Wheel Senior so that an axle shield could be installed. We automatically include this part on all Senior Wheels we sell.  If the wheel is properly assembled, there is no way Jose that your babies could get hurt.  We are very safety conscious around here, but the stories about wodent wheel safety have become urban legend.  We thank Mr. Eric, the owner of the Wodent Wheel company, for making safety a priority.  The internet is a great place, but a lot of information out there is badly outdated and lives on forever, even if there isn’t a speck of truth to it anymore.  

Why don’t we include food dishes?  Simple – most of the cages we sell (except the Tall cage) have food dishes included already.  But if you need some dishes, we can hook you up with hook-able hanging feed cups.

Since you get a wodent wheel with this kit, check out our most awesome and US Patented Nail O Matic.  This is an insert that goes in the wheel to trim nails while they run.  Your little ones can groom while they zoom.

At SunCoast, we bring experience, quality and great customer service right to you!  We care deeply about sugar gliders AND our customers!  Sugar gliders are our only specialty and we hope to be your specialists!

For more information on nutrition, or really any subject related to sugar gliders, please check out our extensive informational library here.  There’s a search tool that will help you sort through thousands of pages of information.

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