Foraging Cup & Vine Ball Barbell


Foraging for food, especially treats, is an important sugar glider activity that encourages physical activity and mental stimulation.  Foraging toys keep those inquisitive gliders active and offer a marvelous way to peak the natural curiosity of gliders.  Just like Winnie the Pooh, sugar gliders LOVE to discover their own little pot ‘o gold has a sweet little sumptin’ tucked inside.


The “cup” of this cute little toy is the natural shell of a fruit from the bael tree, used in traditional medicine and as a food throughout India.   The plastic 6 knob star on the top of the cup – the “lid” – is made from BPA-free plastic.  This lid is the secret to the puzzle.  You see, this lid is just the right size so it does not completely cover the top of the cup.

There’s a space between each knob that’s just big enough for a little nose to smell what’s in the cup, and a little hand to sneak into the cup and grab around.  But, when the forager tries to lift the star to get at the treat, this tilts the toy and the treat rolls to the other side of the cup.


You can probably see how this simple idea could lead to hours of sugar glider ingenuity on display!

Your job is to “sweeten the pot” by sneakily placing a papaya treat – or maybe two – into the cup  Then sit back to enjoy the show.  No need to turn on the television because you’ll be dazzled watching your gliders playing a game of “Foraging With the Stars”…

Sugar gliders are thrilled to discover there can be  something tucked inside their private little cup.  Once they figure it out, they will start to make a habit of going back to check it out on a regular basis!

The Foraging cup is just over 9″ long from top of clip to bottom of bell.  The “stack” of cup and star is just under 3″ high.  All metal parts are glider safe and have been tested to be free of zinc plating.  The star, available in several colors (see picture at left), is BPA-free plastic.  And no worries about the bell being too loud – these cute little bells provide a muted jingly tone that won’t drive a poor ole human up the wall!

The Foraging Cup is a cute, simple design that provides loads of entertainment for the whole family.  And what a fantastic price, huh?

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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