Rockin Maraca Swing & Jazzy Upside Down Swing



  • Jazzy Upside Down Swing is a swing made for sugar gliders and their joy for hanging upside down while eating snacks. It’s designed to encourage them to hang upside down and find whatever goodies you hide in the bucket! It also has a bit of a bounce to it as the “chain” has been upgraded to chew proof medical grade latex tubing.
  • Rockin’ Maraca Swing features a vine ball that you can hide treats in and two maracas for your glider to keep the beat with.
  • Colors of chain and toys for each individual item varies.

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Let’s make some beautiful music together with the Rockin’ Maraca Swing and Jazzy Upside Down Swing combo. It’s a good idea to make sure that your glider habitat includes the types of activities they naturally aspire to. These toys have different enrichment activities behind them, providing fun for your sugar gliders and the great photo ops we all love as well! 

The Jazzy Upside Down Swing bucket hangs far enough that an adult glider will really have to reach to get the goodies inside. This is a great exercise activity. Baby sugar gliders can actually fit in the bucket – another great photo op to share with your friends and family! 

Rockin’ Maraca Swing lets your sugar glider shake, rattle, and roll with two maracas. The vineball is great for hiding treats for your glider to find.

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