Rockin Maraca Swing


This is a brand new toy, made by SunCoast just for sugar gliders.  Have you heard of swing bands?  Well, this is a swing, and your sugar glider can keep the beat with two real (and tiny) maracas.  It is all animal safe plastic, except for the vine ball treat holder. We will equip each swing with one vine ball that you can hide treats in, two happy happy maracas and two doo dads.  This version has a pacifier doo dad and a porcupine ball doo dad, and we may change the doo dads from time to time, but you will always get maracas and treat balls on this swing.  Each one varies a bit in color of the chain, or the hooks, or the maracas or the doo dads.  We created some items from recycled materials. We make the hooks from wasted chain links.  

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 We love to recycle and we love to have fun!  So bring on the swing band, and shake, rattle and roll!

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Dimensions 2 × 7 × 5 in


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