Vine Ball Barbell


Foraging for food, usually treats, is an important sugar glider activity to stimulate.  Foraging toys  keep gliders active and are also a marvelous way to demonstrate the natural curiosity of gliders.

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These braided vine balls make it easy to insert a variety of your suggies’ favorite treats.  Simply slide papaya treats into the balls and watch your suggie go ballistic!  You can also wedge treats into the outside of the vine balls.

The simplest way to use this toy is to remove the vine balls from the hardwood stick, then push a treat or treats into the vine balls through a gap in the vines.  Then put the vine balls back on the stick and you’re ready to go!  Easy. Then hide the Vine Barbells in various places in the cage and watch as your sugar gliders do some heavy lifting!

Your gliders will find the treats and probably try to get them out through the sides of the ball.  This can be tough because the balls, when on the stick, are not as easy for them to look over for holes to reach into.  Sometime later the vine ball will get pulled off the stick and your glider will find a suitable hole to reach through and pull out the treat.  Puzzle solved!

Then, you just rebuild the foraging toy with new treats and watch as your gliders get better and faster at figuring out how to get at their treats!

The Vine balls are about 1 1/2″ wide, Stick 4 1/2″ long.  The toy can be configured a bunch of different ways, for example, with the stick through one or both balls as shown.  Using different configurations will maintain the challenge and help keep your gliders interested in discovering new solutions.

If your glider is a chewer, the parts of this all natural  toy might be chewed.  No worries – the hardwood stick and vine balls will not harm them, and the dye used on the stick is glider-safe (stick colors vary).

The Vine Barbell is inexpensive, simple, and effective entertainment for your sugar gliders!

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