Nail-O-Matic™ Plus One Wodent Wheel (Junior)


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Does your sugar gldier have scratchy nails?  Read on if you’re interested in how to solve this problem without causing stress to your sugar glider or yourself!

We’ve received a significant number of inquiries over the years from customers asking us to carry the JUNIOR Wodent Wheel.  We take our customer inquiries seriously and are pleased to offer the Wodent Wheel JUNIOR to those customers with special requests.  This is an 8 inch wheel.

This is NOT the size we recommend for your sugar gliders.  Our recommendation for most situations is the SENIOR size wheel. 

U.S. Patent Number 6,959,667

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If you’re concerned about wheel safety, please watch this YouTube video.  I am always concerned about product safety and on this video you will get my honest, straight-forward assessment of the facts, developments, and safety records.  Here’s the link.

Wheel Dimensions:  Wheel Diameter:  8″  Wheel Width:  2.75″    Total Height Including Stand:  9″

In most cases, we have found the Wodent Wheel SENIOR to be the best size for most sugar gliders.  We’ve actually run tests between the SENIOR size wheel and JUNIOR size wheel to see which one the average glider prefers.  This testing was accomplished by using a “wodometer” which is a small attachment that basically measures the distance run and number of wheel rotations..  The average glider will run further in the SENIOR model telling us that it best fits the glider running style and spine curvature.

Many gliders also prefer the enclosed design over an open front wheel … just a matter of personal preference really.

So why are we offering the JUNIOR Wheel?  You don’t need a smaller wheel for smaller sugar gliders.  But many of our customers have other pets that would like a wheel and the JUNIOR is a suitable choice for pets like hamsters and mice.  Some people choose the smaller wheel because the recommended size won’t fit in the cage.  Are you sure you have a large enough cage for your sugar gliders?  Our recommendation is a minimum for 3 feet high and 2-5 to 3 feet wide.  This is the minimum recommendation, not the optimal suggestion.  Bigger is better and taller is better than wider.   

We also wish to offer our patented Nail O Matic to customers with pets other than sugar gliders with the appropriate wheel size.  Nail O Matics are custom fitted to fit in the Wodent Wheel by size, so matching the insert part to the correct wheel is the only way it works.

A partial listing of animals suitable for the JUNIOR Wodent Wheel are:

  • Hamsters
  • Mice


The Wodent Wheel Tail Shield is not available in the JUNIOR wheel.  It is only available with the SENIOR wheel and with all SENIOR wheel purchases, we include this accessory automatically.  To which Mr. Hamster says …. “I don’t need no tail shield!”

Sugar Gliders love Wodent Wheels.  Wodent Wheels feature a unique design with a safe, durable running surface and a support stand without dangerous pinch areas.  These wheels are much easier AND much safer for a sugar glider to use than a wire wheel, encouraging needed exercise.   Running wheels are simply the best in the cage exercise we can offer our little buddies.

The Wodent Wheel will also give you a sense of just how intelligent our tiny friends are.  They are attracted to the toy because sugar gliders like to crawl into holes.  They go in through one of the 5 entry holes and realize if they move just right, the Wodent Wheel will start to move. So for a few days, they will rock it back and forth.  Then the excitement begins…the marsupial version of Dale Earnhardt Jr. masters speed before your own eyes!  Gliders will eventually get going so fast and so smoothly that some have reported feeling a breeze out in the room!  Seriously?

Some times I have to giggle a bit at some of the “discussion” that goes on in the sugar glider community.  There is an ongoing debate on whether sugar gliders run or hop, and that they need a “hopping” wheel instead of a running wheel.  My friends, sugar gliders do both.  It’s really not a question of this or that.

I suggest that when you get your new Wodent Wheel, that you attach it to either a side wall or ceiling of your cage using three cable ties.  If you simply set it on the bottom of the cage, without securing it, it will wobble, walk and possibly tip over. 

At SunCoast, we bring experience, quality and great customer service right to you!  We care deeply about sugar gliders AND our customers!  Sugar gliders are our only specialty and we hope to be your specialists!

For more information on exercise, or really any subject related to sugar gliders, please check out our extensive information library here.  

We’ve found that using a large size rubber door stopper will act as an inexpensive “brake”, so that you can stop one wheel from moving, encouraging the gliders to use the wheel that spins freely.  Most of the time this brake is on the wheel with the Nail-O-Matic track in it.  But when their nails get too long, we take the brake off of the Nail-O-Matic wheel and put it on the regular Wodent Wheel.  The gliders then start to use the Nail-O-Matic wheel.  After two nights, we simply move the brake back to the Nail-O-Matic wheel, preventing our suggies’ nails from getting too short.  You can use anything for a “brake” that is suggie safe as long as it can stop a wheel from spinning and can easily be moved back and forth between the “running” and the “trimming” wheel.

We know that others have contemplated and attempted glider nail products.  The Nail-O-Matic device may look simple, but it took us nearly two years to figure out how to create something that was safe, effective, and affordable!  Beware of cheap copies of this idea, especially the “glue and sand” approach.  We thought of doing it this way, but running directly on sand can injure the paw pads of your pet!  Think about it; if the sand really cuts the nails, doesn’t it cut their pads?

Could you just buy sandpaper and put in it the wheel?  Maybe, but how will you make sure your gliders do not injure their delicate little paw pads on the sandpaper?

All Nail-O-Matics will be sent out with a complete set of written installation instructions.  You will also find detailed instructions here complete with pictures. Proper installation is important to proper functioning of this accessory and your gliders’ safety.

The Nail-O-Matic provides a safe and practical way to file down glider nails.  Do you trim your own glider nails or do you go to the vet’s office or neighborhood pet shop?  Most vet offices and pets shops charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 per nail for trimming!  While this sounds inexpensive, some of our gliders need their nails trimmed every 2-3 weeks. Assuming you have two gliders and only go to have nails trimmed once per month, that’s $120 per year! With those kind of numbers, the Nail-O-Matic will pay for itself after only one use!

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