Sugar Glider Introductions, Glider Wound Care

Sugar Glider Wrapped in Blanket

Frequently Asked Question: How do I go about introducing new sugar gliders? By Lisa & Debbie  (see also Extreme Introductions here) During the course of a normal day here at SunCoast Sugar Gliders, we have the opportunity to speak with and e-mail with lots of people who are just beginning to research sugar gliders as pets.  …

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Shipping Sugar Gliders Safely

two gliders wrapped in shirt

  Please note:  After 15 years as a breeder, SunCoast no longer sells sugar gliders.  The following is provided to help those considering having a glider shipped to them or who have to ship a glider. We are often asked by people re-homing or rescuing gliders for detailed instructions on how to best handle shipping.  …

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Sugar Gliders: Prices and Availability

  SunCoast does not currently sell sugar gliders, however, we have sold sugar gliders to the public for over 15 years. We have a lot of experience with glider care and behavior.  We started out when few  people had ever heard of sugar gliders, never mind wanted to own one!  Now, we keep about a …

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