Sugar Glider Introductions, Glider Wound Care

Sugar Glider Wrapped in Blanket

Frequently Asked Question: How do I go about introducing new sugar gliders? By Lisa & Debbie  (see also Extreme Introductions here) During the course of a normal day here at SunCoast Sugar Gliders, we have the opportunity to speak with and e-mail with lots of people who are just beginning to research sugar gliders as pets.  …

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Introductions aren’t working, can I try something else?; How long can sugar gliders breed?; Rapid fire answers for Glider Newbies!

Extreme Introductions by Lisa   Most people agree that sugar gliders are much better adjusted when living with at least one member of its own species.  This is the sugar glider’s nature after all; it is the way Mother Nature intended them to live.  So forcing a sugar glider to live alone, without its own …

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