Does SunCoast Sugar Gliders still sell sugar gliders?

While we did raise awesome baby sugar gliders for 15 years, we no longer raise nor offer sugar babies for sale. Now we focus on our products, education, and community outreach.

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Welcome to SunCoast Sugar Gliders

SunCoast Sugar Gliders, is dedicated to providing everything you need to raise happy and healthy sugar gliders. Having sold sugar gliders to the public for over 15 years, we are excited to pass on our knowledge of glider care and behavior to our customers

SunCoast stands behind all sugar glider supplies with a 30-day money-back guarantee: Send the product back to us in original condition and we will refund the product price.

We got our vets and nutritionists to help us with some of the technical stuff, and have put together a great selection of quality sugar glider products you can trust.

Only the safest products make it into our store. Every product in this store is 100% tested here at SunCoast, and nothing makes it into this store that is not approved by us. So There!

We’ll let our customers do the bragging…


Just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery, my little ivy just loves the Wodent Wheel. She stayed up 2 hours longer this morning just running away in it and eating apple sauce off my finger. Again just wanted to say thanks!

Mindy & Stan

I have never had such great, fast service as when I make an order with you. I have done several orders in the past 6 months and your follow up time is the BEST. not to mention that you have the best products for my gliders and the best information as well. thank you so, so much for what you do.


I just came from my vet and he is THRILLED with the ingredients of Wholesome Balance!! Thank you!


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