Games gliders like; Shipping Gliders to Canada; Working with other breeders; Will gliders bond to several people?

Dear Arnold: What kind of games do gliders like to play?                    =========================== By Arnold Dear Arnold, I’m thinking about opening my home to a pair of baby sugar gliders and I’ve read that gliders are fun, interactive and playful.  Can you tell me more about how gliders like to play? Your Pal Ralph —————- Dear …

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Glider Hissing, Negative Reinforcement in Glider Bonding, A List of Common Newbie Questions; Revisiting the Grape Controversy

Why Do Gliders Hiss? =============================== by Lisa Just yesterday I got a call from a brand new Glider Mama who was concerned that she heard her gliders hissing.  She had read on the internet that when gliders hiss, it means they are constipated.  In my observations, this could be true or false. Sugar gliders that …

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Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

Woman holding sugar glider

  The first issue to consider is whether or not a sugar glider fits well into your lifestyle and expectations.  It is ultimately important to us that our gliders become part of good homes and you should be quite certain that you want to be owned by a sugar glider before making the commitment.  Our customers very much …

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Gliders with other Pets, Neutering

glider on woman's shoulder

Keeping Sugar Gliders with Other Pets By Arnold (with a little help from Debbie)   Hi folks, Debbie here. We often get asked how sugar gliders get along with other pets in the household. Most sugar glider owners seem to have a menagerie of other critters, from the feathered kind, to the scaly type, to …

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