Theresa W.

Great Products!! Arrived promptly and in good condition!

Michael Votaw

Lisa is the best without her guidance helping me get the food to keep my gliders healthy I’m just glad to have found her . She Answers all my questions that I may have concerning my gliders always ships quickly all I can do is say thanks again Lisa

Debra B.

You listen! You understand!

Anna Traverse

Love it!! Love the food 🙂 so happy it’s clean and not full of random fillers 🙂 plus Lisa is so kind and helpful!!

Lisa Tipton

I truly love this company. Excellent products for all your baby’s.

Marcia A

Fast delivery. Great service. You even came through for me back when we had a hurricane and my baby needed food. Ya’ll are the best!

Marcia A

I love your products and your company, and trust me when I say I have tried them all, I always come back to you..how can we comsumers not continue our patronage towards your company.  We are the ones who should be thanking you for the 8 wonderful years you have been providing us with the updates and quality products.   Thank you and do continue to provide us with more toys and items for our beloved joeys.

Dee & Sammie

Just wanted to say Thank-you so much for my new Wodent Wheel and the gift's that you sent.  I'm sure my little Sammie will have lot's of fun with this.  And to let you know I will be back to order other things, So until then THANK'S again and take care.


I just got my supplies yesterday.  Everything arrived and was in great condition!  And thank you for packing the papaya treats and "the finger thing".  I'm sure they will be very appreciated!  Anyways, just wanted to thank you for doing a great job and always being there for help.  Look forward to ordering from you again.

Teresa McClellan

We are new owners of a pair sugar gliders.  We have a boy and a girl.  The last order I placed was received very fast and efficient. Liked everything we ordered and enjoyed the free gifts.  You have our business from here on out.  Wonderful and Efficient.  We will tell others about your great info and service.  The babies love the feather toy.  Thank You Again, 



Just wanted to say thanks a bunch for this great order!!  My gliders LOVE their new cage and spend HOURS on the wodent wheel.  I couldn't have found this great stuff anywhere else for such a good deal, and just wanted to let you know how happy I am.  I will definitely recommend you to my other glider keeping friends!!!!!!!


Thank you so much.  I so love everything I get from you for all my sugar babies.  You will have me as a lifelong customer! 


I received my order today and I wish to thank you for the wonderful 
service, and the great products you sell.  I feel as if I'm doing  business with someone who cares about me and my little animals and less about the bottom line.  


We received our order today. Chimpy, our glider, loves the food & the toy. I was surprised by how fast he devoured the food... he REALLY loves it. We look forward to ordering more merchandise from your office.  


I will continue to order from your wonderful website and looking into buying another sugar glider from you soon 😉

Thank you!


Just wanted to thank you for the fast delivery, my little ivy just loves the Wodent Wheel. She stayed up 2 hours longer this morning just running away in it and eating apple sauce off my finger. Again just wanted to say thanks!

Mindy & Stan

I have never had such great, fast service as when I make an order with you. I have done several orders in the past 6 months and your follow up time is the BEST. not to mention that you have the best products for my gliders and the best information as well. thank you so, so much for what you do.


I just came from my vet and he is THRILLED with the ingredients of Wholesome Balance!! Thank you!