Temperament Changes in Breeding Sugar Gliders, Cage to Bonding Pouch; Changing Staple Foods

Temperament Changes in Breeding Sugar Gliders ============================== By Lisa Hi Lisa! I have finally finished reading ALL of the GliderVet newsletters and I was right about them answering most of my questions.  I still have a few though so I’ll start with one of my most important.  I read in the newsletters that sometimes when gliders have …

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Gliders with other Pets, Neutering

glider on woman's shoulder

Keeping Sugar Gliders with Other Pets By Arnold (with a little help from Debbie)   Hi folks, Debbie here. We often get asked how sugar gliders get along with other pets in the household. Most sugar glider owners seem to have a menagerie of other critters, from the feathered kind, to the scaly type, to …

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