Noodley Thing on a Spring


Noodley Tubes are new around here and a product developed by our SunCoast Testers (independent community members helping us determine product safety).  This is the same material used with our rope toys and it’s been a big hit.  We hate to waste anything  and when making rope toys and packaging Noodley Tubes, there are leftover pieces that deserve to be loved and not discarded!

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We first came up with the idea of a Ring Thing on a Spring, and then we were like … hmmmm … Noodley Tubes should get the same respect!  The springs are essentially tiny slinkies and come in a variety of shapes like hearts, squares, and stars to name just a few of the geometric shapes these come in.  The springs are in pastel rainbow colors and these too will vary from spring to spring. To that we added a nickel plated pear clip and voila, there you have it, an awesome inexpensive in the cage play toy called NOODLEY THING ON A SPRING!  It is always Spring Time as SunCoast Sugar Gliders. 

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